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10 Icons Of Modern Architecture (PHOTOS) __  Annotated slideshow. - illustrated - From / Tom Mallory -


20th Century Architecture and Modernism __ You will find click-to-read articles and many other resources. - From - 

BBC News | UK | The trouble with modern architecture __ "As the Millennium Bridge shows, modern architecture anything but a breeze. At the cutting edge, uncertainty is the only guarantee." An excellent article about the 'downside' to Modern architecture. - illustrated - From BBC - 


A brief history of modern architecture and design __ "Modern architecture became a dominant architectural style after the second world war, and remained at the top for several decades."  A good overview. - From / Maggie Larkin -


Category:Postmodern architecture __ Index of articles related to Postmodern architecture found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia -

Cupola's 20th Century and Modern Architecture Gallery One __ This is the first of three online galleries of modern architecture. - illustrated - from - 



Elsewhere: The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture __ While this is a review for a book, there is plenty of online material and images to make a visit worthwhile. - illustrated - From - 


Famous Postmodern architecture buildings list __ "Buildings and structures are listed alphabetical by name or address. Postmodern architecture buildings list includes lots of data and is sortable by any column."  Gallery of click-to-enlarge photos with additional information with each. - illustrated - From - 

Googie (space-age) __ A photo gallery of "Googie" modern architecture click-to-enlarge images, which ranges from styles such as Hollywood's Capitol Records Building to giant donuts floating above fast food restaurants, and a lot more you cannot imagine in between. Some of this material may fall into the "Art Deco" classification. - illustrated - From -


Impressive Modern Architecture Photography __ Gallery with links to more. - illustrated - From -  


International (1950-1980) __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge photos of "International" modern architecture. - illustrated - From Dr. Tom Paradis - 

Jetset - Designs for Modern Living: Modern Architecture __ "Jetset - Designs for Modern Living is all about 20th century design including mid-century, space-age pop, kitsch, design, architecture, art, prototype cars, sightings of modern furnishings in movies, ads, and much more!" The page linked is about Modern Architecture with click-to-read articles and photos. - illustrated - From - 


Modern Architecture __ You will find an encyclopedia article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia - 
Modern Architecture __ An over view including history, style, form and materials and more. - from - 


Modern Architecture __ Video showing architectural rendereings and photos of modern architecture.  No narrative, music only.  But you will find many other videos about modern architecture there too. - video -



Modern Architecture around the World - Great Buildings Online __ You will find click-to-view images and basic information about each. - illustrated - From Great buildings Online -


Modern Architecture & Design news __ "world of modern contemporary architecture and design news & architectural competitions"  Great photos too. - illustrated - From -


Modern Architecture News __ Modern Architecture News And Latest Updates From Across The Globe. - From -


Modern Architecture - Picture Dictionary of Modern Architecture __ "Modernism wasn't just another style. It presented a new way of thinking about architecture."  A slide show. - illustrated - From -  

Modern Architecture | Real Virtual... __ A grand exposition of Modern architecture with detailed text, panoramas, Quicktime interactive presentations and more. You may want to spend some time here. - illustrated - From Columbia University -


Modern Residential Design __ Pictorial essay of a few modern architecture homes. - illustrated - From -


Modernist Architecture __ A lengthy overview of modern architecture but the small offwhite print on a black background makes it difficult for many to read. - From -


New Georgia Encyclopedia: Modern and Postmodern Architecture: Overview __ Encyclopedic article about the history of modern and postmodern architecture and links to related materials. - illustrated - From -


Picture Dictionary of Modern Architecture - Postmodernism __ A 14 image slide show. - illustrated - From -




Pictures/photos of Modern Architecture __ You will find several galleries of click-to-enlarge photos of Modern architecture. - illustrated - From -


Post Modern Architecture __ "...our contemporary expression in architecture--has been known since the mid 1970s as Post-Modern."  A brief overview and bibliography.  Actually class notes. - From -


Post Modern Architecture - Great Buildings __ Collection of click-to-view information and photos of Postmodern buildings. - From -   


Postmodern Commercial Architecture __ "Postmodern architecture evolved from the modernist movement, yet contradicts many of the modernist ideas. Combining new ideas with traditional forms, postmodernist buildings may startle, surprise, and even amuse. "  Annotated slide show. - illustrated - From -




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