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Castles of Japan__ Tour the great castles of ancient Japan. - photos, history -

Japanese Architecture __ Here is a gallery of click-to-view images of classic Japanese architecture. A good resource for illustrating reports and homework. - illustrated - From University of Virginia -

Japanese Architecture (Buddhist architecture, Shinto architecture,& design concept, modern architecture) __ "Chinese architecture has historically influenced that of Japan. In spite of this, there are still major differences between the two." Learn what they are and even how they have influenced modern Japanese architecture. - illustrated - From - 

Japanese Architecture in Kyoto __ A gallery of click-to-view images. - illustrated - From The Leo Masuda Architectonic Office -


Kyoto Architecture: A Coexistence of Tradition and Innovation __ This is a text only site explaining many of the different styles and historical concepts surrounding Japanese architecture. It also provides a quick guide to several of Kyoto's more famous architectural sites including recent 20th century architecture. - From - 


Traditional Japanese Architecture - Great Buildings Online __ You will find click-to-view images and basic information about each. - illustrated - From Great Buildings Online - 

Traditional Japanese Architecture: Introduction __ Here is an illustrated online lecture exploring traditional forms of Japanese architecture. - illustrated - From CSU - 


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