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Ancient Chinese Architecture
__ Good overview including features, architectural styles and more.  Just click on the embedded links to navigate. - illustrated - From -


Ancient Chinese Architecture __ Video about various aspects of ancient Chinese architecture. - Video -


Ancient Chinese Architecture __ "An ancient civilized nation and a great country on the East Asian continent, China has created a unique, outstanding traditional Chinese Culture. China's architectural art is a particularly beautiful branch in the tree of Chinese civilization."  A beautiful collection of images, articles and history of Chinese architecture. - illustrated - From -


Ancient Chinese Architecture - History for Kids! __ A look at Chinese architecture for the younger student. - illustrated - From -  

Architecture of China __ Excellent resources and images of Chinese architecture. One note: the site "times out" about half the time when I try to reach the index. - illustrated - From University of Virginia - 

About Chinese Architecture __ Several resources about traditional Chinese architecture. - From -

The Art of Chinese Architecture __ "The basic feature of Chinese architecture is rectangular-shaped units of space joined together into a whole. Temples in ancient Greece also employed rectangular spaces, but the overall effect tended to austerity. The Chinese style, by contrast, combines rectangular shapes varying in size and position according to importance into an organic whole, with each level and component clearly distinguished. As a result, traditional Chinese style buildings have an imposing yet dynamic and intriguing exterior." You will find a good overview. - illustrated - From - 




Beijing Made Easy | Beijing Culture | Traditional Chinese Architecture __ "In many ways Chinese architecture reflects traditional Chinese beliefs and ethics the importance of symmetry and balance reflect Chinese views of the cosmos."  A brief overview of traditional Chinese architecture. - From - 

China Window :: Architecture __ You will find many click-to-read articles and resources about Chinese architecture. - From -


Chinese Architecture History __ A pictorial essay about traditional Chinese architectural history with some great photos. - illustrated - From -  
Chinese Architecture __ Overview of ancient Chinese architecture. Material on the Forbidden City as well as other structures in China. - photos - From ThinkQuest -



Chinese Architecture __ Here you will find a series of click-to-view photos of classic Chinese architecture. A good resource for adding images to reports and homework. - illustrated - From University of Virginia -

Chinese Architecture __ "Ancient Chinese architecture enjoys a long history and great achievements, and created many architectural miracles such as the Great Wall. In the process of its development, superior architectural techniques and artistic design were combined to make unique Chinese architecture be one of the three greatest architectural systems." Click-to-read articles. - illustrated - From -


Chinese architecture __ Good overview of Chinese architecture in several click-to-read sections. - From -   


Chinese Architecture __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Chinese Roofing Architecture __ "Unlike Western roofing designs, the typical Chinese roofing system allows the weight of the tile and roof to be distributed through the wooden frame and not on load bearing walls. This gives designers a lot more freedom to place walls and create open spaces. This concept allows for amazing design flexibility in Chinese construction. Traditional Chinese roofing consists of two basic types of design."  A brief look at traditional Chinese roof design. - From - .  

Chinese Rural Architecture __ You will find photos of different types of vernacular architecture in China. It covers 13 regions of China and provides photos of traditional buildings in each area. The site is mainly photos with little text. Use the vertical links on the left to access images by region. - illustrated - From -


The Forbidden City-- A Virtual Tour __ A virtual tour of the Forbidden City with maps, images and more. - illustrated - From -!start.html


Heads up! Roofs in traditional Chinese architecture __ "Chinese architecture evokes in most people images of stately, colorful palaces or pagodas with beautifully curving multi-layered roofs. What was the significance of these elaborate roofs in imperial China and how were they built?"  Being able to support a deep snow pack is not the only reason for their design. - illustrated - From - 




House Architecture __ "Homes all over China in pre-modern times had a lot in common. The way of laying out a house was similar among the rich and poor, both in earlier and later times. "  An overview of traditional Chinese domestic architecture. - illustrated - From -


Information on ancient Chinese Architecture __ "China is a country with a long history, a rich cultural tradition and an ancient civilization. On this land, our ancestors left us an abundance of splendid, time-honored architectural legacy, which has undergone thousands of years of development to become a distinct part of world architectural history. These features are demonstrated mainly in the following aspects..."  An overview. - illustrated - From -


Masterpieces of traditional Chinese architecture - Suzhou gardens __ Not only will you find a good article about Suzhou gardens but other good articles about historic Chinese architecture as well. - illustrated - From - 

Pavilions __ "A common sight in the country, the Chinese pavilion (ting, which means also a kiosk) is built normally either of wood or stone or bamboo and may be in any of several plan figures-- square, triangle, hexagon, octagon, a five-petal flower, a fan and what not." A brief overview of this interesting form of architecture. - illustrated - from -


Styles of Ancient Chinese Architecture __ "A categorized Chinese architecture will display different architecture styles, which have unique characteristics."  Learn about the different categories and their architectural features.  Styles range from tombs to temples and many things in between. Embedded links lead to additional information. - From - 




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