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Please note that some western Asia archaeological websites may be found in the "Middle Eastern" archaeology pages.


American-Mongolian Team Finds Tombs Near Birthplace Of Genghis Khan __ "An American-Mongolian research team has discovered an enclave of tombs, apparently associated with persons of high status, on a hill near Genghis Khan�s probable birthplace and near the site where he was proclaimed emperor of all the Mongols in 1206,..." You can read about the find of these unopened tombs and the history of the expedition. - From Science Daily -

Ancient Chinese Rice Archaeology Project __ Archaeological study of rice in ancient China - photos and other illustrations - By Canadian Museum of Civilization -

Ancient Chinese civilization - Banpo Village __ "Banpo Neolithic Village is a place where we can witness ancient Chinese civilization from 6,000 years back. It has distinct features of a matriarchal society."  Learn about this Neolithic Chinese village and the archaeological finds. - illustrated - From -   

Ancient Culture of the Lower Yangtze River and Ancient Japan __ Learn how the agriculture of China's Yangtze River effected the life of Japan. - illustrated - By Canadian Museum of Civilization -  

Ancient Jade Artifacts Found in Inner Mongolia __ "In north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region archeologists have excavated jade artifacts dating back more than 8,000 years, the earliest discovered in China." A brief article loaded with information. - From China Internet Information Center - 

The Anyang Project __ "The modern city of An Yang, China, lies in the northern province of Henan. For centuries, its secret past lay hidden beneath the city streets, but in 1899, hundreds of oracle bones, ornately carved tortoise shells and ox scapulas, were found, according to legend, by a doctor in search of "dragon bones" for an ill city administrator." Read about the later excavation of a capital city of the Shang dynasty, about 1500 BCE. - From - 

APM - A New View of Prehistoric Japan __ Sannai Maruyama is called one of the most important sites ever excavated in Japan. - From Australian National University -  

Around the Indus in 90 Slides... __ Lots of graphics and photos of ancient India - Harappa - illustrated - From University of Wisconsin & Harvard University -


Asian Culture History and Archaeology __ "Culture history and archaeology of the Asian continent, including most of the countries and cultures in Asia."  You will find many resources and links. - From -

Banawali Mound - District Fatehbad or Fatehabad - Haryana - Archaeological Site __ "Banawali Mound previously called Vanawali, lies 14 kms, north-west of Fatehbad on the right bank of the Rangoi Nala, 29� 37" 5' north latitude and 75� 23",6' cast longitude. This ancient mound spread over an area of one sq. kms., rose to a height of about 10 meters due to successive settlements on the earlier rubble." Learn about the site and the archaeological research - From Haryana Online -

Cambodia Tales __ About the Lower Mekong Archaeological Project - illustrated -

Cultural Relics Protection __ Articles about archaeological research in China and artifact preservation - illustrated - From People's Daily -

Early - Homo Erectus - Tools in China __ Possible stone tools found in China which date from 2.5 million years ago - photos - From Archaeological Institute of America -

Early iron in China, Korea, and Japan __ A paper about the issue. - From Donald B. Wagner -


Early Man and the Rise of Civilisation in Sri Lanka: the Archaeological Evidence __ "The Himalayan foothills of the Indian sub-continent have yielded evidence humans having lived there around two million years ago. Although the earliest known dates for hominids in peninsular India are ca. 600,000 years before the present (BP), it is very likely that future research will indicate an age comparable to that of the Himalayan foothills, since there do not appear to have been any physical barriers to prevent humans from being present in southern India contemporaneously with their occurrence in the northern part of the sub-continent. Meanwhile, it is apparent that Sri Lanka was, more often than not, linked to southern India by a land bridge during this period." - By S. U. Deraniyagala, Director-General of Archaeology, Sri Lanka -

Exploring Ancient Salt Production Sites in China __ "There is extensive textual documentation on salt manufacture in  ancient China, with reliable records going back to the fourth century bc. At that time, the salt industry was already well developed, and its origins certainly go back to much earlier times." Learn the full story here. - illustrated - From UCLA -
Finds and Morphological Study of Carbonized Rice in... __ Archaeological paper dealing with the relationship of rice to the development of civilization in China. The field of study is agricultural archaeology. - From Carleton University -

The Gallery of Archaeological Collections __ Gallery of archaeological artifacts from Siberia - photos - From Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography -


Harvard Gazette: Ancient Script Rewrites History __ Discovery of the Chinese version of "The Dead Sea Scrolls." "With the discovery of these texts, I think you can say that the history of Confucianism itself will have to be rewritten" - From Harvard University -
India's Buddhist Heritage: Monuments - Stupas, Monasteries __ Learn about Buddhist archaeological sites in India. You will find descriptions of the location and brief histories. - illustrated - From Image India -

Indigenous Cambodian Archaeology __ Paper about the history and future of archaeology in Cambodia - By The Southeast Asian Studies Student Association -

Island of the Spirits | Origins of the Ainu __ Learn about an archaeological technique called "flotation" and how this method of research is narrowing the search for the origins of the Ainu. - illustrated - From NOVA -

Iran's Burnt City yields ancient graves __ "The 12th phase of Burnt City archeological excavations in Iran's southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan Province has yielded 12 ancient graves."  A news article. - illustrated - From -   

Jaya Varma __ "In early May 1992 workers digging a trench for the foundation of a house in Ma-liga-on stumbled across the most important art historical discovery in the Kathmandu Valley for many years." - photos - From Asian Arts -

The Jomon Period in Japan __ website about prehistoric Jomon archaeology and history - photos - From Niigata Prefectural Museum of History -

Kazakstan Archaeological Research Project __ Pages covering the excavations at a late-Iron Age settlement in southeast Kazakstan - photos - From Sweet Briar College -

Kusado Sengen __ Kusado Sengen has been excavated for more than thirty years and made a significant contribution to medieval archaeology in Japan. - photos - English or Japanese - By Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History -

Memory of the Jomon Period __ Online book about the archaeology and history of the Jomon Period of prehistoric Japan - photos - By Tokyo University -

Mogamigawa River Project __ Archaeological research on a Paleolithic age river basin in Northeast Japan. - photos and reports - English or Japanese - From Keio University, Tokyo - 

Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project __ Covers the search for the social, cultural, and technological development in the Mun River valley of Northeast Thailand - illustrated - From the University of Otago -

Pallemalala Discovery __ "A major archaeological breakthrough that could shed new light on the physical type and lifestyle of the island's pre-historic population has been accomplished by a team of Sri Lankan Archaeologists." - By Asiff Hussein - 

Shiga Excavation May Be Ancient Parliament __ About the possibility that this archaeological site is the location of an eighth century government building. - good report - From The Japan Times - 

Society for East Asian Archaeology __ Learn about the organization, membership, accomplishments and goals. - From -

Temple Pura at Vijayanagara: Study of Specialized Urban... __ "Vijayanagara, or "City of Victory," was the capital of an empire of the same name which flourished in South India from the 14th to the 16th centuries." - photos, research article - From Arizona State University - 

The Treasures of Lake Hamun __ Archaeological survey work and excavations very near the Afghan border at a site which has Zoroastrian associations and demonstrates the blend of styles leading from Zoroastrian into Islamic civilization. - illustrated -

Vietnam Prehistory __ You will have an overview of the archaeological evidence and learn about the civilization of Prehistoric Vietnam. - illustrated - From -


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