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Archaeology Lesson Plans 

On this page - Albania - Baltic Region - Eastern Europe - France - General Resources - Germany - Iberian Peninsula - Ireland  


Albanian Archaeology - Archaeology of Albania __ "Archaeological sites, researchers, universities, cultural history and other resources of Albania." - From -

Albanian Synagogue Surfaces __ "Intricately designed mosaic floors in the synagogue show traditional Jewish iconography, including a menorah."  A good article. - illustrated - From -

Butrint Photos __ You will find a collection of photographs from the archaeologically important city of Butrint. - illustrated - From Galen Frysinger -

Category:Archaeological sites in Albania __ List of articles related to Albanian archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia - 

Greek Temple at Apollonia __ "It took a hunch, hard work and a heck of a lot of diplomacy. But the payoff is spectacular: Archeologists from the University of Cincinnati have discovered a previously unknown Greek temple outside the ancient Greek city-state of Apollonia."  A report on the research. - illustrated - From - - Stolen Archaeology of Albania __ Read about the return of some "stolen" artifacts to Albania. - From -

Kosova Crisis Center - The Question of Illyrian-Albanian Continuity... __ For an interesting look at politics and archaeology, this is an excellent read. - By Dr. Aleksander Stipcevic -

Lofk�nd Archaeological Project __ Learn about the Excavations at the prehistoric burial tumulus of Lofk�nd in Albania with an overview of the finds and a photo gallery. - illustratted - From -

Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project __ "MRAP is a multi-disciplinary and diachronic archaeological expedition formally organized in 1996 to investigate the history of prehistoric and historic settlement and land use in central Albania..." The research is centered on the Greek colony called Apollonia. Several seasonal reports and related links. - illustrated - From The Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project/University of Cincinnati -

Regional Archaeological Research in Albania __ "In May-June of 1998, a team of Albanian and American archaeologists gathered to inaugurate a joint project of regional archaeological study in the vicinity of the ancient city of Apollonia (founded in 588 B.C.), located near the modern-day city of Fier, ..."  Learn about the research and results. - illustrated - From -

Shala Valley Project __ "The Shala Valley Project (SVP) is an interdisciplinary, regional studies project focused on the Shala River valley of the Dukagjin region of the northern Albanian high mountains. The project supports integrated programs of archaeological, ethnographic, ethno-historical, and geo-scientific research."  A lot of information, links and references. - illustrated - From -

Under Albanian Soil __ "A brief history of archaeological activity, both past and present, in Albania" - illustrated - From -

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Baltic Region

Archaeology in the Baltic regions of Germany and Russia are covered in their own pages.

Archaeologists explore graveyard of sunken ships in Baltic Sea __ "...a vast graveyard of ill-fated ships hidden in the murky waters of the Baltic Sea, protected from the shipworm that destroys wooden wrecks in saltier oceans. Some 20,000 shipwrecks have been found - half of them in Swedish waters - dating back to as far as the Viking age. Researchers believe as many as 80,000 more could still be waiting to be discovered."  A very interesting read. - From -

The archaeological excavations of Papinniemi in Uukuniemi, Finland __ "At the archaeological site of Papinniemi in Uukuniemi, eastern Finland, a Greek Orthodox church, a cemetery and a village have been situated in the 15th-17th centuries. The settlement was completely deserted probably during a war between Sweden and Russia in the middle of the 17th century."  You will find an excellent, annotated timeline with the article.  However, blue links on the green background make them hard to read. - illustrated - From Ville Laakso -

Archaeological Research at Oslonki, Poland __ You will find a summary of six seasons of field work at this early farming site in Poland. - illustrated - From Peter Bogucki -

Archaeology Poland __ "The most well known site in Polish archaeology is the fortified Bronze and early Iron Age settlement built between 750 and 400 BC near Biskupin, in the north-west of Poland."  A good overview of the site and the research. - illustrated - From -   

Archaeology of Terror __  Learn about a form of forensic archaeology in Latvia, as well as other places, that determines whether or not atrocity has taken place. - From -

ArchWEB - Archaeology in Poland __ A complete online resource for Polish archaeology including institutions, archaeologists, publications, legislation and much more. - From - 

Baltic Mystery Wreck __ "The Swedish Navy has released footage of a spectacularly preserved eighteenth-century ship discovered during routine winter exercises in the Baltic Sea."  A brief article. - From -

Baltic Sea States - History and archaeology __ You will find many links and resources relating to Baltic history and archaeology. - From - 

The Burial Cairns and the Landscape in the Archipelago of �boland __ An in-depth presentation on the results of archaeological research on the burial cairns of the islands. "The field studies include excavations, surveys, boulder analyses, and weathering studies. The number of cairns in the area is 444." - From Oulu University Library -

Encyclopedia of Baltic History __ While this excellent history of the Baltic regions contains history from all ages, the sections on ancient times are major presentations in their own right, including archaeological evidence. - From University of Washington -

Finland Archaeology __ "Archaeological sites and cultural historic resources about the past of the modern country of Finland."  A small collection of resources and links. - from -

Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology __ A encyclopedic article along with links to additional materials. - From wikipedia -

Latvia - The Ancient Archaeological Record __ A general introduction to Latvian archaeology covering a variety of topics. - From -

Lesson Planning, Lesson Plan Formats and Lesson Plan Ideas __ How to produce a lesson plan and not just for archaeology either. - From -

Marine Archaeology and Scuba Diving in Sweden � A Case of Cooperation and Polarity __ "For marine archaeology, scuba diving by the layman is a kind of inseparable partner or necessity. Scuba divers are the only other large group in society today which visits and studies the under water world to any degree."  An in-depth essay on the relationship between divers and archaeology. - From -

Native Sweden __ Learn how the indigenous Saami are rediscovering their long-lost heritage. - From -  

Nordic Underwater Archaeology __ "If you like history and scuba diving, this is for you. The Baltic Sea, in Northern Europe, is a cold brackish sea where wood is preserved for centuries. Many sunken ships still wait to be discovered." - photos and other illustrations, reports -

Past Landscapes of the Baltic Region __ Learn how an aerial survey changes the archaeological outlook. - illustrated - From -

Polish Culture History and Archaeology __ You will find a collection of resources and links. - From - 

Pulli settlement __ " the oldest known human settlement in Estonia."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

Some links to Swedish archaeology __ Good list of resources including institutions, web sites, articles and more. - From Magnus Reuterdahl - 

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Eastern Europe 

The Archaeological Site of Histria __ Greek settlement whose Roman period created most of the remains found today. Histria is in modern Romania. Click on special link for English language version. - photos - From the Institute for Cultural Memory -

Archaeology of Hungary - Hungarian Culture __ "Hungarian culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of Hungary."  A collection of resources and links. - from -

Bel Archaeo Wetland Archaeology of Eastern Europe __ "Bel Archaeo: Wetland Archaeology of Eastern Europe is a small organization dedicated to scientific excavation and preservation of historical and cultural heritage contained within the diverse environmental micro-regions of Eastern European wetlands."  Learn about the organization and project with articles, photos and more. - illustrated - From -

A Brief History of Romanian Archaeology __ Just what the title says. - From - 

A Bronze Age Slab-cist Grave Discovered at V�LENI-D�MBOVI�A __ "In fall 1999 on a hill southwest from the village Vi-D�mbovi�a, county D�mbovi�a, in the Subcarpathian region of Valachia, was founded by an accident a grave which was disturbed by a treasure-hunter. Read about what has happened since. - illustrated - From European Archaeology Online -

Budakal�sz (Hungary) __ "The archaeological site of Budakal�sz is a Baden culture (Bell Beaker, 3500-3000 BC) occupation and cemetery near the modern city of the same name in Hungary."  A very brief sumary. - From -

Bulgarian Archaeological Association __ Learn about the association and their projects.  You will find reports from several archaeological sites in Bulgaria. - illustrated - From -

Category:Archaeological sites in Slovakia __ List of articles related to Slovak archaeological sites found in Wikipedia. - Fom wikipedia -

Celtic Graves from Levice, Slovakia __ "A Celtic burial ground has been discovered at a building site near Levice city centre (Slovak Republic), where a new shopping centre will be built."  Abstract of a news article.  they want you to subscribe for the full article but there is enough information in the abstract to get a general idea. - From -

Czech Republic Culture History and Archaeology __ You will find a collection of resources and links. - From -    

Divers Discover Precious Find in Bulgaria Black Sea __ "A three mast sail ship, dating from the 18th or 19th century, has been found by divers 26 meters east from the Bulgarian southern Black Sea town of Sozopol."  A brief article. - From -

Eastern Europe - Archaeology of Eastern Europe __ A collection of resources and links related to Eastern European archaeology. - From -

Eastern Europe � The Cultural Property and Archaeology Law Blog __ Many articles and posts covering a wide range of related topics. - From Kimberly Alderman -

HAS: Institute of Archaeology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences __ Learn about the institute, its objectives and goals.  This part of the much larger Hungarian Academy of Sciences site where it may be interesting to explore. - From -

International Institute of Anthropology __ This is a very large website about archaeology in the Balkans. Many reports and lots of good reading. - From International Institute of Anthropology -

The Medieval Monument From Gurasada __ "In a little village, Gurasada (Hunedoara County), near of Mures river there is a church with a unique architecture for the Rumanian architecture history. The central part is a building with a four-lobe plane, to which, nowadays, is attached a bell-tower. In a document issued by the Hungarian king Andrew III, from 1292, is mentioned the name of the place, which could be a village..." Today the building is a Greek Orthodox Church. You will find reports from several seasons of excavation. - illustrated - From European Archaeology Online -

The Mystery of Bosnia's Ancient Pyramids | History & Archaeology __ "An amateur archaeologist says he's discovered the world's oldest pyramids in the Balkans. But many experts remain dubious"  A news article. - illustrated - From -

Nationalism and the Representation of Society in Romanian Archaeology __ An essay about archaeology and politics. A PDF file. - From -

Panacomp - Serbian Archaeology - Archaeology of Serbia __ A good introduction to Serbian archaeology and descriptive articles about several major sites in Serbia. - illustrated - From -,english/ 
Pontic __ Online magazine dealing with archaeology and history in Ukraine -

The question of territorial distribution of Illyrians in archaeological debate and in serbo-albanian cultural and political relations __ An essay about archaeology, history and politics. - From -

Schela Cladovei Field Work | Archaeology __ " arguably the most important Mesolithic�Neolithic settlement to survive flooding of the Danube Valley following the construction of two massive hydro-electric dams."  Learn about the project and read excavation report.  They are looking for volunteers. - illustrated - From The University of Edinburgh -

Slovak Karst Archaeology __ "Numerous easy accessible caves were an effortless and safe dwelling of Man since the primeval times in characteristic karst territory."  Learn about the archaeological research in the karst regions of Slovakia. - illustrated - From -

Viewpoints on the Fortress at Tabla Bu�ii in the Light of Archaeological Excavations __ "The fortress stands 20 km away from the closest human settlement. That is over 1300 m altitude, and about halfway the road linking the village of Slon (commune of Cerasu, Prahova county), south of the Carpathians, from the commune of Valea Buzaului (Brasov county) north of the mountains." - Read about archaeological research at the site since 1995 - through 98. - illustrated - From European Archaeology Online -

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Aerial Archaeology in Northern France __ "Roger Agache, pioneer of aerial archaeology in France, reveals the methods to seeing and interpreting the terrain from above. The remarkable discoveries, coming from aerial photography in Picardy, are introduced through amazing photographs and splendid watercolors." - illustrated - From -

Ancient Vienne __ Website about a beautiful, ancient Roman city. - photos and other illustrations - From Mission de la recherche et de la technologie -

Ar�nes de Lut�ce __ "The Ar�nes de Lut�ce are among the most important remains from the Gallo-Roman era in Paris"  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Athena Review ... Bibracte __ "Mount Beuvray rises some 820 m in the Sud Morvan, in the region of Bourgogne. Today the hill is covered with forests, and lies some 4 km from any habitation. In the Late Iron Age, however, it was the setting of Bibracte, capital of the Aedui and one of the most important hillforts in Gaul." About the history and archaeology of this fort - illustrated - From Athena Review -

BBC News | EUROPE | Cave Reveals Spectacular Secrets __ "Archaeologists in France have discovered a cave in the south-western Dordogne region that they believe to be almost 30,000 years old." Read more in this article from the BBC. "...drawings of mammoths, rhinoceroses, horses, human beings and some strange beasts with long, gaping snouts, which scientists have yet to identify." - illustrated - From BBC -

Category:Archaeological sites in France __ List of articles related to French archaeology found in Wikipedia. - from wikipedia - 
The Cave of Lascaux __ One of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time, the fabulous Caves of Lascaux. - illustrated - From the French Ministry of culture - French, German, English, and Spanish -

Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave __ "On 17 January 1995, the Minister of Culture and Francophony, Jacques Toubon, announced the exceptionalarchaeological discovery of a decorated cave. It incorporates several very large galleries that accommodate more than 400 paintings and engravings dating to the Paleolithic era (between 32,000 and 30,000 years ago)." - photos - From the Department of Ard�che and the French Government -

The Cosquer Cave __"The Cosquer Cave is located at Cape Morgiou, in the Calanques, near Marseilles. It can be accessed through a tunnel 175 metres in length, which is 37 metres under the sea level... The unique feature of this cave is that it contains several dozen works painted and engraved between 27,000 and 19,000 years ago." You will find history, a virtual visit and more. - illustrated - From French Government -

The Farmer-knights' History in the Year One Thousand. __ Archaeological information about a settlement in France from the Middle Ages - illustrated - From the French Ministry of Culture -

French archaeologists dig up 30-year-old banquet __ "Supervised by the creme-de-la-creme of French archaeology, a bunch of dusty diggers are unearthing the leftovers from a work now known as "Lunch Under The Grass" -- a meal for 80 in sumptuous gardens south of Paris where the star course was offal."  A little off the beaten path but interesting anyway. - illustrated - From Claire Rosemberg (AFP) -

French Culture History and Archaeology __ "Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of France."  You will find a collection of resources and links. - From -

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France... __ About a 20 year archaeological project using remote sensing and GIS in the Burgundy region - illustrated - French or English - By Dr. Scott Madry -

Images of sites in Northern France (C Ruggles) __ You will find a collection of photographs of archaeological sites in France. - illustrated - From Clive Ruggles -

Neolithic France __ "In a tomb undisturbed for 6,000 years, archaeologists encounter an unexpected world."  An abstract of an article but the abstract contains good information. - illustrated - From -

OldStoneAge __ Reports and photos of four archaeological digs in France - photos -

Paleolithic Pit Stop __ This article from Scientific American suggests Neanderthals and early modern humans behaved a lot alike. - illustrated - From Scientific American -

Stones of France __ This website covers about a dozen standing stone, dolmen and burial sites in France. You will find good photos and texts. - From -

Underwater Archaeology: French Ministry of Culture __ You will find a lot of information about French underwater archaeology, once you learn how to navigate the pages in this site.  The designers seemed to want to make it as hard as possible to access information. - illustrated - From -

The Vallon de Castel-Merle __ "The vallon de Castel-Merle is one of the most significant find-spots for Cro-Magnon camp sites in all of Europe. It is located at Sergeac on the left bank of the V�z�re River, just 9 km south of Montignac-Lascaux in the Dordogne region of France." Learn about the history, archaeology and the museum. - illustrated - French or English - From Site de Castel-Merle -

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Altendorf (megalithic tomb) __ "It was a gallery grave belonging to the Late Neolithic Wartberg culture. The Altenburg tomb is of special significance in Central European prehistory because of the large number of individuals it contained"  An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Archaeological Sites in Germany __ A collection of resources and links related to archaeology in Germany. - From -

Bandkeramik Village in Vahingen (Germany) __ Archaeological research at a 6th millennium BCE site in southern Germany - photos - German or English -

Bettina Arnold - Heuneburg Archaeological Project __ "This is an archaeological project in the advanced planning stage. If you start reading it now, future updates will allow you to follow from beginning to end." - illustrated - By the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee -

Category:Archaeology of Germany __ List of articles related to archaeology in Germany found in Wikipedia - from wikipedia -

Esslingen in the Middle Ages __ About the rescue excavation of a Carmelite Friary, founded at the end of the 13th century." - photos - By Baden-W�rttemberg State Monuments - English, German -

German Archaeologists Hail New Find...Discovery of Roman Battlefield Poses Historical Riddle __ "Archaeologists in Germany say they have found an ancient battlefield strewn with Roman weapons. The find is significant because it indicates that Romans were fighting battles in north Germany at a far later stage than previously assumed."  A news story. - From -,1518,596720,00.html

German archaeology 101: what is the Magdeburg shoe? __ German archaeologists in Magdeburg dug up a 13th Century shoe. Now what can that tell us?  Quite a bit it seems. - From -

German archaeology during the Third Reich, 1933-45: a case study based on archival evidence __ "The history of the archaeological disciplines in Germany during the Nazi era can be considered as a locus classicus of nationalist interpretation and misuse of the past."  You will find a multi-page detailed look. - From Martin Maischberger -

Hochdorf: The Grave Barrow... __ About the excavation and reconstruction of a Chieftain's of the Celts grave - photos - From Keltenmuseum Hochdorf -

Letter from Germany: Atlantis of the Baltic __ "Once upon a time, on the Baltic coast of what is now Germany, there arose a city called Vineta. The largest in Europe, it was said to be richer than Constantinople. Travelers and merchants came from all over the old world to live and trade there"  Learn about the search for the lost city of Vineta.  One archaeologist thinks he has found it. - From - 

Mount Ipf __ "Learn about Mount Ipf in Germany; it was a prehistoric settlement and Celtic hill fort" - photos -

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Iberian Peninsula 

Archaeology of the C�a Valley __ "Archaeology in Portugal is still in a wild state of flux. "The C�a valley in northern Portugal has been a focus of world archaeology for the past few years, first because of the two bungled archaeological surveys and the subsequent threat of inundation, then because of the reported age estimates of its rock art, and later because of accusations of state-funded archaeological vandalism..." - From TRACCE Online Rock Bulletin -

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Ancient Tomb Captured both Sun and Moon __ "An ancient Irish tomb may have been built with a light chamber aligned not only to the Sun, but to the Moon as well." Read about the discovery and the archaeological evidence in this BBC article. - illustrated - From BBC -

Archaeoastronomy __ An excellent website about archaeoastronomy and the megalithic monuments of Ireland. Many articles, charts and more. - illustrated - From Paul Griffin -

The C�ide Fields of North Mayo __ "The C�ide Fields are an important Stone Age land use site in Ireland." - illustrated - By University college Dublin -

The Discovery Programme, Archaeological Research... __ "The Discovery Programme is an organization dedicated to researching Ireland's past from the most ancient times." - photos and other illustrations - By the discovery Programme Ltd. -

Dunamase __ About the archaeological research at the medieval castle of Dunamase in County Laois, Ireland - Searchable Database of Irish Excavation Reports__ "This database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland � North and South � from 1985 to 1999. It has been compiled from the published Excavations Bulletins from those years, with a similar format. The Excavations Bulletin was started by Tom Delaney in the early 1970s, and was revived by Claire Cotter in 1985. Since 1986 it has been compiled by Isabel Bennett and published by Wordwell, with support from the Office of Public Works, latterly D�chas The Heritage Service, Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands." -

Glinsk Survey __ "Learn about the village of Glinsk, Ireland archaeological survey as part of the effort to restore Ballinakill Abbey in Galway. The abbey dates from the 13th century which was the earliest Irish Gothic period." - photos -

Irish Archaeological Sites __ "This page is intended as a brief introduction to some of the many types of archaeological monuments which can be seen in Ireland." - illustrated - By the Heritage Council -

Irish National Heritage Park __ "This unique park in Ireland contains reconstructions of archaeological monuments from various periods of Irish history." - photos and other illustrations - From Irish National Heritage Park -

Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb __ Ireland - Excellent guide and introduction to the megalithic tombs of Ireland - photos -


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