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Archaeology Lesson Plans - The Art, Culture, and History of Ancient Mesoamerica __ A source for the study of pre-Columbian Mexico. The animated links may take some time to load but worth the wait. - illustrated - By Patrick Olivares -

Archaeological sites in Mexico by state __ State-by-state listing of Mexican archaeological sites.  Each listing is a link to an article about the site. - From wikipedia -

Archaeology and the Aztec empire __ Detailed online paper. A PDF file - illustrated - From -

Archaeology of Mexico __ A general introduction to some of the more famous archaeological sites in Mexico with a description and photos. - illustrated - From -

Archaeology of Teotihuacan, Mexico __ "Teotihuacan is situated in the central section of the Valley of Teotihuacan. The valley is in the northeastern part of the Basin of Mexico, a plateau over 2,000 meters high with a temperate semiarid climate. The later Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, grew up about 700 years after the collapse of Teotihuacan 60 km southwest on an island in the shallow lakes that spread in the Basin at that time." This is an excellent introduction to the archaeology and the history of this ancient city. - illustrated - From Arizona State University -

Aztec Temple Found in Mexico City "Exceptional," Experts Say __ "Archaeologists working in the heart of Mexico City have discovered an altar and a monolith that date back more than 500 years to Aztec times."  A news story. - From -

Aztec Temple May Yield Great Archaeological Treasure __ "Archaeologists working amid the smog and din of Mexico City may be on the verge of unlocking an extraordinary time capsule."  A news story. - From -,2933,525849,00.html

Bonampak Documentation Project __ About creating digital reconstructions of murals found at Bonampak. - illustrated - From Yale University -

Category:Archaeology of Mexico __ List of articles related to archaeology in Mexico found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -  

Category:Aztec sites __ List of articles related to Aztec archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -

Cave Paintings of Baja California __ Discover the cave art of an unknown people in Baja, Mexico. "Over the slit-like opening of a long shallow cave was a vast expanse of fairly smooth rock surface. On that was painted a tumultuous cavalcade of human and animal figures far greater than life size. All the beasts seemed to press forward in movement from right to left; huge red and black deer and equally immense red mountain sheep dominated the surge." - illustrated - From BajaQuest -

Epi-Olmec Decipherment __ "Study of a newly discovered column of hieroglyphic text on the La Mojarra stela, a four-ton basalt slab discovered in 1986 and bearing one of the oldest examples of complex writing in the New World, has confirmed the accuracy of translations published four years ago by epigraphers John S. Justeson of the State University of New York, Albany, and Terrence Kaufman of the University of Pittsburgh." You can read about the discovery and the translation efforts. - From Archaeological Institute of America -


Exploration of an Ancient Maya city __ Here is a brief article about a mapping project in the ancient Maya city of Palenque. - illustrated - From -

Field Museum Archaeologists Discover Tomb Under Zapotec Residential Complex In Oaxaca, Mexico __ "On a high hilltop terrace in Oaxaca, Mexico, a team of Field Museum archaeologists discovered a 1,500-year-old underground tomb while excavating a palace-like residence."  A news article. - From -

The Maya Ruins Page __ This interactive site allows you to explore the great Maya archaeological sites of Mexico. Just click a name on the map to go to archaeological information, photos, and history of your selected city. - illustrated - From Barbara A. McKenzie -

Maize (Corn) May Have Been Domesticated In Mexico As Early As 10,000 Years Ago __ "The ancestors of maize originally grew wild in Mexico and were radically different from the plant that is now one of the most important crops in the world. While the evidence is clear that maize was first domesticated in Mexico, the time and location of the earliest domestication and dispersal events are still in dispute."  A news article. - From -
Mesoamerican Photo Archives __ Tour Mesoamerica by means of dozens of photos. -

Mexican archaeologists find 1,800 year old tunnel, possible tombs under Teotihuacan ruins. __ "Mexican archaeologists find 1,800 year old tunnel, possible tombs under Teotihuacan ruins."  A news article. - illustrated - From - 

New Tomb at Teotihuacan __ About the archaeological research of a tomb found within Teotihuacan's Pyramid of the Moon. - illustrated - From the Archaeological Institute of America -

Overview __ This website features a brief article about the city of Panenque along with a changing slide show of aerial views of the city. - illustrated - From -

Palenque __ "This website, presented by the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute, Merle Greene Robertson and Mesoweb, hosts the official homepage of a current archaeological dig at this classic Maya site." - illustrated - From -

Popular archaeological sites in Mexico __ A travel article about archaeological sites in Mexico. - From - 


Reflections on the Architecture of Palenque __ A good article about the buildings of Palenque, their construction, and some history. - illustrated - From -

Royal Aztec crypt wows archaeologists __ "Mexican archaeologists using ground-penetrating radar have detected underground chambers they believe contain the remains of Emperor Ahuizotl, who ruled the Aztec when Columbus landed in the New World. It would be the first tomb of an Aztec ruler ever found. "  A news story. - illustrated - From -
Rutamaya __ A short photo tour of the ruins of Kohunlich, a Maya site in Mexico. - illustrated - From Andreas Kultermann -

Teotihuacan __ You will find an informative site about an amazing ancient city. - photos and other illustrations -

Zapotec Digs in Mexico Show Clues to Rise and Fall __ "One place where the story of Zapotec civilization is being uncovered is 25 miles (40 kilometers) outside the city of Oaxaca, at the site of an ancient town called El Palmillo."  You can learn about the Zapotecs, their history and the archaeological finds. - illustrated - From -


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