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Bolivia - Culture History and Archaeology __ "Bolivia's culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Bolivia." - From -

Bolivia: History __ An overview of Bolivian history and access to additional information about Bolivia. - From -

Bolivia History __ "Useful English language sites on the history of Bolivia are limited."  You will find a wealth of information about Bolivian history on this one. - illustrated - From -

Bolivia: History __ "The altiplano was a center of native life even before the days of the Inca; the region was the home of the great Tihuanaco empire. The Aymara had been absorbed into the Inca empire long before Gonzalo Pizarro and Hernando Pizarro began the Spanish conquest of the Inca in 1532."  A general history of Bolivia along with other information about the country. - From -

Bolivia history __ "Useful English language sites on the history of Bolivia are limited. These links indicate some of the more valuable. ..."  an index of links related to Bolivia history. - From -


Bolivia History __ A good general overview of Bolivia's history along with other information about the country. - From -

Bolivia History __ "The Spanish conquest of the country began in 1531 under Francisco Pizarro. The conquistadors made rapid progress, exploiting the trust (and later the disunity) of the Indians to secure the territory that within two years became known as Alto Peru."  A colorful history of Bolivia. - From -    

Bolivia: Where Might Reigns Supreme __ A basic outline of history but the green background makes for difficult reading.  But there is some good information found. - From Truman State University -

The economic history of Bolivia __  "The State of Bolivia has been a remarkably unsuccessful state. Bolivia is now poor and backward but this was not always the case for the area that is now Bolivia. In pre-Columbian times the high plains, the Altiplano, had an economy based upon irrigated agriculture and was relatively densely populated compared to other areas of South America."  An overview of Bolivian economic history. - illustrated - From -


History of Bolivia __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Bolivia." - From -

History of Bolivia __ "The Bolivian highlands, permanently settled for at least 13,000 years, were part of the culture of Andean South America before the arrival of the Spaniards. The archaeological record is fragmentary but suggests that agriculture started about 3000 BC. and that the production of metal, especially copper, began 1,500 years later."  You will find an encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - From wikipedia -

History of Bolivia __ An essay providing a general overview of Bolivian history. - From -

History of Bolivia __ A good general history including embedded text links to additional material. "In conquering the Inca empire, the conquistadors - even though few in number - move with surprising speed into the Altiplano, the high plateau in the Andes which is often called Upper Peru and which comprises much of modern Bolivia." - From -


Rulers of Bolivia __ A list of rulers of Bolivia beginning in 1825. - From -

Timeline: Bolivia __ Annotated timeline of important events in Bolivian history. - From BBC -

The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Bolivia __ "The origins of Jewish settlement in Bolivia can be traced back to the colonial period, when Marranos from Spain arrived in the country, which at the time was part of the Viceroyalty of Peru."  A history of the Jewish People and Bolivia. - illustrated - From -

World History Archives: History of Bolivia __ You will find click-to-read articles and resources about Bolivian history. - From -


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