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A Brief History of the Chamorro __ "Linguistic and archaeological studies have indicated that two thousand years before the birth of Christ, the remote islands of the Mariana archipelago were settled by people from Southeast Asia." You will find an excellent history. - From -

Chamorro Culture __ A huge amount of information about Chamorro culture. - From -

Chamorro language __ An encyclopedic article with links to additional materials. - From Wikipedia -

Chamorro Language __ You will find short and easy lessons on the Chamorro language. - From -

Chamorro Language & Culture __ "Chamorro is the name of the indigenous language and ethnicity native to the Mariana Islands. This blog is intended to provide Chamorro language and cultural resources, tips, and information to those who are researching the Marianas." - illustrated - From -

Chamorro Month: A celebration of island culture, history __ "During the month, local residents take the time to celebrate the island’s culture, history and ancient traditions." - From -  


Chamorro people __ "...are the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands, which include the American territory of Guam and the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in Micronesia."  an encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - illustrated - from wikipedia -

Chamorro phrasebook __ An overview of the Chamorro language and a phrase book. - From -

The Chamorro people of Guam __ Here is an overview of the colonial history and culture of the Chamarro people of Guam. - From -

Chamorros Rediscover Ancient Culture Through Canoe-building __ Photos and a brief article. - illustrated - From - 

Chamorros in the United States __ State by state census figures for Chamorros in the United States. - From -

CNMI: Tanapag -- Footprints: Funerals __ A modern funeral contains a lot of Chamorro tradition. - illustrated - From - 

CNMI: Tanapag -- Footprints: Weddings __ A modern wedding contains a lot of Chamorro tradition. - illustrated - From -

Department of Chamorro Affairs - Guam __ Official government agency for Chamorro affairs on Guam - From Government of Guam -

Documenting the Endangered Chamorro Culture __ "... photo-essay book that documents one of the world’s
oldest and most unique cultures before a massive U.S. military buildup takes place on its homeland, Guam." - illustrated - From -

Guam Peskadot Sea Warriors __ "Peskadot" is a Chamoru linguistic term which translates to 'He who stalks and hunts the sacred resources of the Pacific Peoples''. Learn more. - illustrated - From peskadot.web - 

Lesson Plans __ A collection of lesson plans about the Chamorro for all grade levels. - From -

Marianas Expedition : History : the Chamorro __ "Archaeological records indicate that people first inhabited these rugged volcanic mountaintops as early as 2,000 B.C. Those first settlers came from Southeast Asia; the language they spoke and customs they kept bears similarities to those of their contemporaries in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines." - illustrated - From Scripps Institute of Oceanography -

Resources on the Chamorro __ You will find linked resources. - From -   

Sindalun Chamorro __ You will find stories, poems, recipes, and culture of Chamorros - From Unknown -

Tao Tao Tano ” People of the Land” Guam Culture in Dance __ You will find an article, many photos and videos about Chamorro dance, especially in guam. - illustrated - From - 


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