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New Caledonia is situated in the south western Pacific, just north of the tropic of Capricorn, and is the most southern of the Melanesian nations. Grand Terre is by far the largest island, being 400km long and just 50km wide, and unlike all other islands in the Pacific, it was once joined to Australia and broke away about 140 million years ago.

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Category:New Caledonia people __ Index of Wikipedia articles related to New Caledonia people. - From wikipedia -

Conservation International - Kanak Traditions Guide Future ... __ "For generations, Kanak tribes in the South Pacific have passed down stories of the sacred sea. Ancestral spirits live in the waters off the northeast coast of New Caledonia's Province Nord, the stories say. The Kanak handle these waters with care."  Learn how these traditions have shaped the life of New Caledonia. - From -   

Jane's New Caledonia Home Page __ A detailed look at New Caledonia, its people, history geography and much more. - illustrated - From -


Kanak culture __ "To gain an insight into the Kanak way of life and to define their traditional structures, we must first understand the main features of their complex socio-economic organisation."  Learn that and more. - illustrated - From - 

Kanaks of New Caledonia __ A general overview of these New Caledonia natives. - From -  
New Caledonia __ An encyclopedic article about New Caledonia and people with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -

New Caledonia - People __ General statistics information. - from -

New Caledonia Population People Religion Language __ Basic statistics about New Caledonia and its people. - From -

People Of New Caledonia __ "Language and translation resources including, articles, free translation, a language identifier and a directory." - From -


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