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After almost four decades under US administration as the easternmost part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the Marshall Islands attained independence in 1986 under a Compact of Free Association. Compensation claims continue as a result of US nuclear testing on some of the atolls between 1947 and 1962.

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Culture __ You will find information about people, religion, culture, language and more. - From -

The genius of Marshall Island canoe-makers __ "Alson Kelen, a Majuro boat-builder who specialises in traditional Marshallese canoes, believes when you live on a collection of tiny islands in a vast ocean, your survival depends on your ability to travel the seas. And as the Republic of the Marshall Islands is 99 per cent water, itís not surprising that its people are skilled boat-builders and sailors." - illustrated - from ABC/Cinemedia - 

GeographyIQ - World Atlas - Oceania - Marshall Islands - People __ Facts at a glance about the Marshall Islands and people. - from -

Marshall Islands __ "The Marshall Islands, east of the Carolines, are divided into two chains: the western, or Ralik, group, including the atolls Jaluit, Kwajalein, Wotho, Bikini, and Eniwetok; and the eastern, or Ratak, group, including the atolls Mili, Majuro, Maloelap, Wotje, and Likiep." Good general overview. - illustrated - From -

Marshall Islands - Atlapedia Online __ Statistical overview of the Marshall Islands and people. - From Atlapedia -

The Marshall Islands. An Electronic Library and Archive __ Just what the title says it is. You will find dozens of articles about history and culture, as well as about most any other topic you can think of. - illustrated - From Dirk H.R. Spennemann -

Marshall Islands Population People Religion Language __ "Marshall Islands people covering population, religion, language, and more. - From -

Marshallese People statistics __ Demographic statistics for the Marshall Islands. - From - 


Micronesia Mythology: Marshall Islands __ Read about Myths and legends then learn what a "stick chart" is. - illustrated - from - 

Rongelap Atoll Marshall Islands Culture __ Learn how the people of Rongelap have preserved their culture and are bringing it back with them. - illustrated - From - 

A typical day on Arno Atoll __ "Imagine a place without hot water, electric lights or refrigeration. Imagine a community of 2,000 people that shares one or two telephones and three or four cars. Imagine having only two potential sources of income if youíre a man, and one if youíre a woman. Right now, you could be imagining a tiny corner of the Marshall Islands: Arno Atoll." - illustrated - From ABC/Cinemedia -


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