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Creation __ Read the Maori creation myth then use the links at the bottom of the pages to read other Maori creation stories. Learn how the Kiwi lost its wings among other things. - From - 

Frequently Asked Questions __ A FAQ page dealing with some of the most common questions asked about Maori culture and life. - From - 

Kia ora - Welcome to Maori Land Court Website __ Learn about the court and what it means to the Maori and to New Zealand. - illustrated - From Government of New Zealand - 

Lesson Plan - Maori Bird Kite __ A lesson plan for younger students.  "Explore the traditional Maori culture of New Zealand. Then create a bird kite that really flies."  Materials and procedure. - illustrated - From - 
Maori Carving Information - Reading Heads __ A source for understanding Maori carvings. You will find several articles and a gallery. - illustrated - From -

Maori Culture __  Brief overview of Maori history and culture with links to additional resources. - From -


Maori Genealogy / Whakapapa Maori __ "Maori culture, history, myth and legend encapsulated in whakapapa / genealogy." - From - 

Maori Health __ "This site seeks to provide information About Māori Health and highlight the policies, programmes and people Addressing Māori Health." - illustrated - From Government of New Zealand - 

The Maori Language Commission __ Learn about the Maori language, its history and current usage. Many articles, reports and links related to the preservation of the language. - From Government of New Zealand -

Maori Language and Traditions | Northland, New Zealand __ A brief overview of language and culture for visitors. - From -  

Maori legends from Lytton High School Gisborne __ Just what the title says it is. A brief collection of Maori stories. - From Lytton High School Gisborne -

The Maori - New Zealand in History __ Overview of Maori history and many links to additional information about the Maori. - From -

Maori News Online and Maori Portal - Te Karere Ipurangi __ An extensive all purpose site about Maori and Maori issues, culture, history, law, politics and more. - -

Māori people __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -

Maori People __ A general overview of Maori people and culture along with many links to additional materials. - From - Main Maori Site on the Net __ Well the title sort of gives away the fact that you will find a lot of information here ranging from history and culture to politics. - illustrated - From - 

Maori Religion and Mythology Index __ A series of click-to-read chapters. - From - 

Maori Research Sources and Resources - He Kete Matauranga __ A great place to begin your online research projects about the Maori. - From - 

Maori Tattoo __ Learn about the history and meaning of this Maori art form. - illustrated - from - 

Maoris may have come from China __ Learn about the genetic research backing this idea. - From BBC -

Marae Procedure (Kawa) __ Learn what a Marae Hui is, what it accomplishes and basic rules for having one. - From - 

New Zealand and the Maori flag __ "In 1990 there was a national flag competition in New Zealand. None of the entries showed any Maori acknowledgement or inspiration. The TE KAWARIKI therefore held their own Maori flag competition. And the winning entry is shown above on this page." - illustrated - From Boreale&4WIYC - 


Te Puni Kokiri __ This is the website of The Ministry of Māori Development. You will find an enormous amount of information ranging from regional developmental and housing to culture and history. - illustrated - From Government of New Zealand - 

Printable Maori language activities __ Maori language games for the younger student. - From -

Te reo Māori lesson plans - Te reo Māori - Te Kete Ipurangi __ A collection of lesson plans about the Maori for all grade levels.  Goals, procedures and materials. - From -

Toi Maori Aotearoa - Developing Maori Art in New Zealand __ A website dedicated to contemporary and traditional Maori arts. You will find articles, news, galleries and links. a place to spend some time. - illustrated - From - 

The Treaty of Waitangi Website __ The official government website about the treaty and related issues. - illustrated - From government of New Zealand -

Whakataukī - Proverbs - Kōrero Māori __  "Māori proverbs called ‘whakataukī’, ‘whakatauākī’ or ‘pepeha’ are sayings that reflect the thoughts, values and advice of past generations. They are usually very succinct and often use metaphor to convey key messages."  An article and examples. - From -


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