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The Cook Islands are a collection of fifteen small islands in the heart of the Polynesian South Pacific. More than half of these are no more than tiny coral atolls. The Cook Islands is a self-governing dependency of New Zealand with its own parliament.

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Category:People of the Cook Islands __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge photos of Cook Islanders. - illustrated - From -

Cook Islander People statistics __ Statistics on births, population, gender and more. - From -

Cook Islands __ "The main population centres are on the island of Rarotonga (14,153 as of 2006), where there is an international airport. There is also a much larger  of Cook Islanders in New Zealand, particularly the North Island."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Cook Islands Culture and History __ "Your guide to Cook Island culture with information on arts, history, language and the people of the Cook Islands."  A collection of resources. - From -

Cook Islands Government Online __ Official site with general information about the country and its people as well as government services, visitor information and much more. - illustrated - From Government of Cook Islands - 

Cook Islands News - Index __ Up to date news from the Cook Islands. - From -

Cook Islands People 2012, CIA World Factbook __ Demographics and statistics. - From -

Cook Islands People in Low Income Group __ "In 1996, a third of Cook Islands adults were in the lowest income quartile compared with 35 percent of Pacific Islands people and 25 percent of all New Zealanders."  Some Cook Island income stats. - From - 

Culture __ A general overview of Cook Island culture and history. - illustrated - From - 

History of the Cook Islands __ "COOK Islanders are true Polynesians, the finest seafarers of the vast Pacific, voyagers on frail canoes who felt at home on the ocean and who travelled across its huge wastes in search of new lands and new beginnings. The journeys undertaken by these stone age people in their fragile craft dwarf the voyages of exploration boasted of by the Portuguese, Spanish, British, Dutch, and French." A good introduction to Cook Islands history. - illustrated - from Jarvy Web -
Lords of the Dance - Culture of the Cook Islands __ You will find dance, art, literature and more in this overview of Indigenous cook Island culture. - illustrated - From Jarvy Web - 


Making Tradition in the Cook Islands __ A brief website with an important paper. You will find a short dance movie and the paper "Social Context and the Limits on Symbolic Meanings." - from Center for Social Anthropology and Computing -

Polynesian Origins of The Cook Islands People __ A multi-page look at the Cook Islands including history, family life, legends and more. - From -  

Rarotonga, Cook Islands; Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger __ An excellent collection of annotated photos. "The people of the Cook Islands are of Polynesian descent. Due to extensive intermarriage with Europeans over many years, most of the people today are of mixed ancestry. The official language is English, although most people are bilingual and literate in both English and the indigenous language of Cook Islands Maori." - illustrated - From Galen R Frysinger - 

A well kept secret in the Pacific - The Cook Islands People __ A brief overview of a well kept secret. "Cook Islanders are Polynesian. The northern islands were most probably settled around 800 AD by migrants from the west." - illustrated - from Jarvy Web - 


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