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Here you will find resources to plan an archaeological vacation. Whether you want to get your hands dirty as part of the trip or simply want to visit archaeological sites and look, you will find some information about both kinds of trips.  

Inclusion of those websites which are from commercial tour operators does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by but are for information only.  As much as possible, I have used the commercial site's own words as the review.

Due to the enormous number of such sites on the Internet, I have made no attempt to even try and list them all, just enough to show the variety available, and with some coverage of most of the world's regions.

Since archaeological vacations and archaeological volunteer opportunities are somewhat related, you may want to check out both sections. - Archaeological Volunteering

AIA Tours - Archaeological Institute of America __ Catalog of archaeological tours offered by the Archaeological Institute of America. - illustrated - From -

Ancient World Tours __ Tours specializing in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan with a strong archaeological and historical focus. - From - 

Archaeological Adventures of Arizona __ "Archaeological Adventures is an educational discovery program dedicated to the preservation and documentation of archaeological sites...We offer our guests the unique opportunity to probe the mysteries of the past, to touch history and feel it come alive while participating in a hands-on working field program to map and record unexplored archaeological sites." - From - 

Archaeological Parks in the U.S. __ Complete listing of archaeology parks by region or state allows you to organize a trip into history. - By the Arkansas Archaeological survey -

Archaeological Tours - Archaeology Vacations & Travel __ Here are over 150 archaeological tours with descriptions and more. - illustrated - From -

Archaeological tours and cruises in Turkey with Peter Sommer Travels __ "Over the past ten years we have created a rich and varied collection of archaeology tours and cruises that bring to life the rich heritage of Turkey from profoundly ancient times to the modern era. Come sailing, cruising, or exploring with us, and see some of the very finest temples and tombs, baths and aqueducts, theatres and castles. Discover an archaeological paradise full of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman treasures!" I don't think I could say it any better than they already have. Explore this website and then dream a bit. You also may want to check out just who Peter Sommer is. You will find a fascinating story. - illustrated - From -  

Archaeological Tours to Guatemala & Peru __ "In 12 days, discover the Ancient treasures of the Moche, Chimu, Nazca and Inka civilizations, while you travel through some of the most spectacular geographical locations on earth." - From - 

Archaeological Tours led by noted scholars __ "You choose from a variety of superbly planned itineraries. If it’s on our itinerary, it has been personally researched and visited by at least one of our staff. We make sure your travels to distant places will be rewarded by total immersion in the archaeology, history and culture of the areas you visit." - From -

Archaeological Tours in Mexico | Travel Tips - __ General information about selecting tours and tour operators. - From -

Archaeological Vacations - Top Ten Top Ten __ One person's list of what the top ten archaeological vacations are. - From -  


Archaeology and Ancient History Tours __ One of the leading tour specialists in archaeology, ancient history and past civilizations. - From Andante Travels - 

Archaeology Tour Operators __ "An archaeology tour is an escorted vacation package tour that specializes in visiting and learning about archaeological sites. The companies listed here have been selected to exclude volunteer dig opportunities or tours that involve collecting, legally or otherwise, artifacts to take home. Apart from that, this listing does not constitute an endorsement by" - From - 

Before You Go: Package Archaeology Tours __ "A vacation to visit archaeological sites can be a great way to learn about the past. You can either go as an independent traveller; or select one of the many package tours that escort tourists to the great sites of the world. If you know the archaeology of a region or are an adventurous type, you might elect to go on your own. On the other hand, a planned itinerary tour by a reputable tour company might be just the ticket for safe, educational travel." You will find some excellent advice from an expert. - From K. Kris Hirst/ - 

China Silk Road Archaeological Tours led by noted scholars __ "The legendary Silk Road linked China to the trading centers of Persia, the Middle East and Europe. It was over two thousand years ago when merchants first used this great artery for the flow of goods between China and the Roman Empire. The route skirted searing deserts, followed narrow tracks through mountains and crossed vast grasslands." Make the trip yourself. - From - 

Destinations & Adventures International __ This is a company based in Los Angeles which specializes in tours of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, including a range of archaeology tours. Itineraries and prices. - From Destinations & Adventures International - 
Directory of historical holidays and archaeological tours __ Just what the title says it is. You will find overviews and links to archaeological vacation destinations worldwide. - from - 


Egypt In Depth Archaeological Tours led by noted scholars __ Explore the great temples of Egypt, such as those at Karnak, the striding male figures in the Cairo Museum, and the reliefs and inscriptions on the temples of Esna, Kom Ombo, and Philae. - From - 

Egyptologist and Archaeologist - Khaled Azzam - A-Z Tours __ Based in Canada, this company specializes in custom tours of Egypt. - From Khaled Azzam - 

GORP - Archaeological Sites - history, parks, battlefields, memorials, scenic areas __ Learn about archaeological vacation destinations from around the world. You will find what is spectacular and worth while. - From GORP - 

Hobbyist Archaeology __ K. Kris Hirst states it better than I ever could. "...not everybody wants to be a professional archaeologist. Becoming a professional archaeologist takes a lot of education—up to and including a PhD—and years of experience and hard work in far-flung places, with not much time for raising a family. And when you’re done, the jobs are hard to find, and it simply never pays well. While this suits a small percentage of the human population, by and large, the profession is not one a lot of people pursue." Here you can learn how to participate as an amateur and how your contribution to archaeology (unlike many other sciences) is truly appreciated. Whether as a vacation or a volunteer 'job,' she provides excellent information. - From - 

Holidays to Egypt, Historical Tours to Egypt and Nile Cruises __ A leading travel firm in unusual and in depth tours to Egypt. - From AWT - 

Maya Expeditions __ This company provides archaeology, cultural, and ecotourism adventures throughout Guatemala. - From - 

Rock Art of the Southwest by Archaeology Plus Rock Art __ Learn how archaeologist Boma Johnson offers tours to ancient Native American petroglyph sites and illustrated talks. - From Archaeology Plus - 


Tours __ "From the remote jungles of Honduras to the pristine rivers of the American Southwest, our archaeological tours promise exciting adventure. Whether you like touring Maya temples or learning about North American rock art, you'll be sure to find a Conservancy tour that fits your interest." - From - 

Tours of archaeological sites in Greece: Mycenae, Olympia,Delphi,Epidavros, Meteora __ The title pretty much says it all. - From - 

Vacations and Tourism at Archaeological Sites __ An excellent resource about archaeological vacations with several articles and links. - from - 


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