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The Ancient Etruscans, their origins, culture and downfall __ "The historical role of Etruria and its people, the Etruscans, was one of alphabet, manufacture, art and religion rather than of politics. Their younger neighbours, the Romans, assimilated much of the Etruscans, including their territories, but certainly not their socio-political structure."  A look at Etruscan civilization. - From -


ArtLex on Etruscan Art __ Art works from ancient Etruria. Small photos of Etruscan art as part of the page but not all the images available are shown that way. In order to see larger images and ones not shown as thumbnails, click on the text links. Etruscan pictures - From ArtLex Visual Arts Dictionary -

Empires ... Etruscan Empire: Page 1__Explanation of the Etruscan Empire and its civilization. Learn about Etruscan "origin" myth. Even their contemporaries had no idea where they came from. Ancient Etruscan civilization and Etruscan history - From ThinkQuest -
Etruscan Art __ "In all studies of Etruscan art, it should be remembered that a large proportion of Etruscan art did not survive up until the present day. We read of the Roman destruction of Volsinii and the destruction of 2000 Etruscan bronzes which were melted down to produce bronze coins. As a result of this, we have a somewhat skewed perception of Etruscan art, in that most of the art that survives today is funerary art, and we form totally wrong impressions about the Etrusans as a result." Much of that wrong impression can be corrected in this website. Etruscan pictures - illustrated - From The Mysterious Etruscans -


Etruscan alphabet and language __ "The Etruscan alphabet developed from a Western variety of the Greek alphabet brought to Italy by Euboean Greeks. The earliest known inscription dates from the middle of the 6th century BC."  A general overview. - From -  

Etruscan Art | Thematic Essay __ An article giving a basic overview of the Etruscans and several click-to-enlarge photos of Etruscan art. - illustrated - From - 

Etruscan Civilization __ Overview of the rise and fall of the Etruscan civilization. Etruscan history - From LookSmart, The Columbia Encyclopedia -


Etruscan civilization __ "Etruscan civilization is the modern English name given to a civilization of ancient Italy in an area corresponding roughly to Tuscany, whom the ancient Romans called Etrusci or Tusci."  An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -
Etruscan Civilization __ Introductory overview of Etruscan civilization including origins, rise and fall, and culture. - From Network -
Etruscan Civilization: Rise and Fall __ "Regardless of the obscurity of their origins, it is clear that a distinctive Etruscan culture evolved about the 8th cent. B.C., developed rapidly during the 7th cent., achieved its peak of power and wealth during the 6th cent., and declined during the 5th and 4th cent." You can read about their origins, culture, and Etruscan history in this website. - From -


Etruscan Engineering and Agricultural Achievements __ "The Etruscans had a deep knowledge of Hydrology and hydraulics, a knowledge which they put to good use in their many land drainage schemes." Etruscan engineering still functions and is even taken for granted in some areas. - illustrated - By Jim Penney - 


The Etruscan League of 12 Cities __ "According to legend, the Etruscan League of 12 cities was founded by two Lydian noblemen; Tarchun and his brother Tyrrhenus...Tarchun lent his name to the city of Tarchna, or Roman Tarquinnii. Tyrrhenus gave his name to the Tyrrhenians - the alternative name for the Etruscans." Click on a city name on the interactive to learn more about this ancient alliance of cities. - illustrated - From The Mysterious Etruscans -

The Etruscan Virtual Museum __ This informative site is hosted by Larth, a cartoon character and Etruscan warrior. "Larth leads visitors on a tour through every aspect of Etruscan history and culture, in areas ranging from the Etruscan countryside to underground tombs. There is also a virtual museum displaying Etruscan artifacts." Etruscan pictures -
Etruscan Words __ "The Etruscans may just be twenty-five words less mysterious because of the discovery of 40 lines of text from the second or third century BC." Read about the "Tabula Cortonensis" and what this Etruscan inscription means to our understanding of this ancient civilization. - excellent links to related material - From -  

The Etruscans __ "Little is known of the Etruscans, a people who sprang to importance in the 8th century BC. At the height of their power, their influence spread from the Po Valley to Campania, even encompassing ancient Rome, which defeated them in the 3rd century BC." Find a good overview of Etruscan history. Caution, if you go to the home page, it is a backbutton trap. You need to use another means to leave there. - illustrated - From Explore Italy -


Etruscans - History for Kids! __ A good overview for the younger set along with many embedded links to related material. - From - 
Language isolates, Etruscan verb conjugation __ Etruscan may have been spoken as late as the 4th century CE. You can learn a little more about this ancient language, which seems to have no relationship to any other language. - From -


Tuscany of the Etruscan __ A brief introduction to Etruscan civilization along with some links to related material. - illustrated - From - 


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