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Aztec Homes __ A brief look at an Aztec house. - from -

Aztec Homes __ "The doorways of the Aztec houses were square and found on one wall of the home. The roofs of the ancient Aztec homes were flat, which provided for an extra ..." A brief overview of ancient Aztec housing. - From -

Aztec homes __ "Discover what Aztec homes were really like. You may be surprised at some of the features in the common Aztec shelter..." - From -

Aztec Houses __ "As excavations continue in Mexico, we're learning more about Aztec houses and how they were built. Though we had some descriptions of houses from the Aztec era, we are beginning to see for ourselves what they may have been like."  Learn about materials, construction methods and more. - illustrated - From -

Aztec Palaces and Other Elite Residential Architecture __ Article about palaces and the homes of the elite in Aztec society. PDF File - illustrated - From -

Aztecs __ Learn a different method of studying Aztec life which is centered on the ancient home and what was thrown away. You will find information about ancient Aztec homes and what current research is revealing. - illustrated - From University at Albany -

Home smoky home! __ "The dwelling of an ordinary peasant family was a one-room rectangular hut with an earth floor, a low open doorway, and no chimney or windows."  A general overview. - illustrated - From -

How to Build an Aztec House Model __ Step by step instruction for what might make a good classroom project. - From - 

Yautepec, an Aztec City in Mexico __ "This is the first set of urban Aztec houses excavated anywhere in central Mexico."  A detailed report. - illustrated - From -


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