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Cave __ An encyclopedic article describing types of caves, how they are formed, and links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -


Geology of Caves __ "A cave is a natural opening in the ground extending beyond the zone of light and large enough to permit the entry of man. Occurring in a wide variety of rock types and caused by widely differing geological processes, caves range in size from single small rooms to interconnecting passages many miles long." You will find a series of click-to-read topics or you can just scroll down the page to find them. - illustrated - From USGS/National Park Service - 
Lava Tubes and Lava Tube Caves __ You will find an extensive resource for this kind of cave including many links to specific caves and lava cave regions. - From USGS - 



Mysterious Life of Caves __ You will find information on what lives in caves and how they are formed. - illustrated - From PBS - 

Sea Caves __ "Sea caves were formed by waves crashing against rocky coastline or coral reefs. Waves can hit sea cliffs with blows averaging several hundred pounds per square inch, which erode the soil and rock, and after many years create sea caves." You will find a lesson plan, basic information and links to related resources and materials. - From - 


Show Caves of the World __ A guide to commercially and government operated "show caves" from around the world. Just click on the country of your choice. You will find location, geology, history and more. - From - 
Speleothems  __ "The different types of features that decorate the cave are collectively called cave formations or speleothems." Learn how these objects are created, what they are and what they are called. This site uses formations associated with Wind Cave National Park as the basis. - illustrated - From National Park Service - 



Virtual Cave __ "From the comfort of your keyboard, browse the wonders of the underground!" You will learn about the different kinds of caves, cave formations, cave geology, and view magnificent images. - illustrated - From - 

The Virtual Cave: Seacaves __ "Sea caves are formed by the power of the ocean (or in some cases, lakes) attacking zones of weakness in coastal cliffs." Learn how they differ from "caverns" and other types of caves. - illustrated - From - 


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