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Earthquake Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities __ "A collection of lesson plans and classroom activities for earthquakes." - From -

Earthquake Education and Resources __ "Here is a lesson plan that gives a good demonstration about earthquakes. This classroom activity deals with different aspects about faults. This project is appropriate for elementary, secondary, middle school, and university level students with minor modifications." - From - 

Earthquake Slip Classroom Exercise __ "This lesson plan demonstrates stick-slip or elastic rebound theory through a classroom project. This classroom activity would be useful for helping elementary, secondary, middle school, and university students understand this concept." - From -


Earthquakes WebQuest __ "A WebQuest about earthquakes. The activites are internet based. Includes a grading rubric. Students will be able to take a trip back in time to hear what those living at the time had to say about this devastating earthquake and then visit the future to see what the possibility of another earthquake of that size hitting the Memphis area might be. You will also become a seismologist and calculate an earthquake." - From - 

Lesson Plans - Earthquakes: A Whole Lot of Quakin' Goin' On __ "In this activity, students will delve into seismology—the study of earthquakes—learning about and contrasting two scales used by seismologists to categorize and compare these quaking forces of nature." - From -

Tracking Earthquakes around the World - Lesson Plan Library __ Good earthquake lesson plan allowing students to track quakes world wide and learh why they take place. - Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From -


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