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About Geology -- The Complete Guide to Earth Science __ Earth science encompasses everything from outer space to the Earth's fiery core, from the most ancient fossils to the landslides and earthquakes of today. - From - 

Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility __ This is a national repository and research center for geological materials collected from the southern oceans around Antarctica. - From Florida state University - 

Deserts: Geology and Resources __ Online edition from the USGS. Discusses where they form, their features and processes, types of dunes, and mineral resources. - illustrated - From USGS - 

The Dynamic Earth __ You will find complete text and figures from this book published by the U.S. Geological Survey. - From USGS - 

Earth Sciences Explorer: Geologic Time __ "Say, did you ever wonder about all of the things that have ever happened on Earth and how old it really is? As it turns out, Mother Earth was a bit reluctant to let out her true age. It took us a long time to figure it out, but as near as we can tell, Mother Earth is four thousand, six hundred million years old (4,600 million = 4.6 billion), give or take a few hundred million years." A good introduction to geologic time for middle students. - illustrated - From Wheeling Jesuit University - 


Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth __ Here you can learn about the characteristics that define each eon, how the Earth's crust and atmosphere were formed, what the Earth's physical processes are, and how a rock's age is determined. - illustrated - From National Museum of Natural History - 

Geological Society of America - Geology Archive __ Archive of past issues of their publications including magazines and bulletins. You can find full texts and abstracts. - From - 


Geology Dictionary __ "Consult our geology dictionary for definitions, images and short articles about the most commonly used geological terms." - illustrated - From - 

Geology Discipline Home Page __ A great resource for the study of geology for student and professional alike. You will find a virtual ton of interesting information. - illustrated - From USGS -


GeologyLink __ "Want to learn more about basic concepts in geology? Curious about a recent geologic event? Interested in studying a subject in depth? Inside Geology will link you to hundreds of class lectures, web sites, references, news items, organizations, and glossaries on every aspect of geology." - From Houghton Mifflin Company - 

Is Geomorphology within Geography or Geology? __ read about this controversy and find definitions that place it within both disciplines. - From Unknown ( or a lot of people ) - 

Geophysics On The Internet __ "Geophysics involves the application of physical laws and principles to a study of the Earth and other astronomical bodies. The Internet is a world wide collection of clients (your machine) and servers (computers which house potentially useful material). This page is dedicated to providing you access to the wealth of geophysical information on the Internet." - From University of Houston - 
Map of Highest Points in all 50 States __ "Explore the highest elevation point in all 50 states by map or by satellite image. Click on a point and use the zoom and pan tools in the upper left corner of the map window." - illustrated - From - 

Mineralogy Database __ "This mineral database contains 4,442 individual mineral species descriptions with links and a comprehensive image library." - illustrated - From -  



National Park Service Park Geology __ You will find information on the National Park Service's programs in geology and minerals management.. - illustrated - From National Park Service -
Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes __ "In cross section, the Earth releases its internal heat by convecting, or boiling much like a pot of pudding on the stove. Hot asthenospheric mantle rises to the surface and spreads laterally, transporting oceans and continents as on a slow conveyor belt." Learn how this process is the cause of earthquakes. - illustrated - From The Nevada Seismological Laboratory - 

Tectonic Plate Motion __ Learn about estimating tectonic motion points around the world using satellite laser ranging (SLR). - illustrated - From NASA - 


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