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Fiona's Shark Mania __ "This shark site features a Richard Ellis Gallery of Sharks (illustrations and informative text), the most comprehensive list of shark links on the Web, and information on SHARK-L, the mailing list. On the lighter side, it includes fun shark graphics, cool sharks on the Web, true (or nearly so) shark stories, sharks in literature, shark clip art, and whatever else Fiona can think of that has to do with sharks. Kids are welcome!" - illustrated - From - 

Freshwater Sharks and Rays __ "Although most people think of sharks and rays as exclusively saltwater inhabitants, quite a few species actually make use of freshwater living spaces." Learn what kind live in freshwater and how they got there. - illustrated - From - 

Great White Sharks: Animal Information, Pictures, Map--National Geographic Kids __ "Get fun information about great white sharks-- photos, fun facts, range map, Web links, postcard, video." - illustrated - From National Geographic Society - 



How Sharks Work __ "Even setting aside the rows and rows and rows of teeth, a shark is still amazing -- did you know that it can smell you from miles away?" Check out the table of contents for a lot more information. - illustrated - From - 

A Masterpiece of Evolution - The Shark __ You will find a virtual ton of information and links to related materials. - illustrated - From Ben S. Roesch - 



NOVA Online | Island of the Sharks __ "Costa Rica's Cocos Island boasts more sharks per cubic yard of water than perhaps any other place on the planet, including whitetip reef sharks, 40-foot whale sharks, and hammerheads that school by the hundreds." An exciting website to visit which is jam-packed with information. - illustrated - From NOVA - 
The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - Santa Cruz, CA __ Learn about open-water sharks and the research taking place. "The word 'Pelagic' is an ancient Greek word for the open ocean, high seas, offshore environment, of which most of the Earth's surface is comprised. The word is presently used by scientists when describing the Earth's vast regions of open sea and the creatures that inhabit those regions." - illustrated - From The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - 

Shark Classification __ "Like mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and other fishes, sharks (and skates and rays) are vertebrates belonging to the phylum Chordata and the subphylum Vertebrata. Sharks, skates, and rays are separated from their vertebrate cousins into the class Chondrichthyes--the "cartilaginous fishes." You will find additional material about shark identification and classifications. - From Ben S. Roesch - 

Shark Images from Douglas J. Long, UCMP __ "This small exhibit shows an amazing predator: the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). The white shark is found in temperate waters throughout the world's oceans, and it is an important, though not common, predator in California`s coastal habitats." - illustrated - From Dr. Douglas Long - 



Shark Links __ You will find links to a number of shark pages and resources on the web. - from - 
Shark Research Institute- shark conservation, education, research __ Learn about this research organization and it's programs. "SRI works to correct misperceptions about sharks and stop the slaughter of 100 million sharks annually. A primary conservation strategy of SRI is creating value for sharks as sustainable natural resources for tourism industries, particularly in developing countries. By so doing, a steady revenue stream is also generated for local fishers that might otherwise slaughter the sharks for immediate gain." - illustrated - From Shark Research Institute - 

Sharks __ "National Parks Conservation Association provides wildlife factsheets about animals found in our national parks." And yes, sharks are found in some of our National Parks. That is not a comment about some of the people you might find there. - illustrated - From National Parks Conservation Association - 



Sharks __ You will find shark activities, shark facts and shark images. Great introduction for kids. - illustrated - From - 

Sharks of Hawaii __ "There are about forty species of sharks of the 450 species of fish that occur in (i.e., are endemic to) Hawaiian waters, ranging in size from the deep-water Pygmy Shark (Squaliolus laticaudus - about 8 inches) to the Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus - up to 50 feet or more)." You will find detailed information and images. - illustrated - From - 


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