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Ancient Khmers __ Good general overview of Khmer civilization. - photos, history - From Pacific University -

Angkor, Cambodia: a major center of the ancient Khmer culture __ Learn about the temple complex and vies in\mages from space. Angkor once held a million people. - illustrated - From Athena Review - 

Cambodia history, history of Cambodia Angkor __ A history of 'classic' Cambodia and the Khmer people. You will find other interesting information about Cambodia at this commercial travel website. - From - 


Cambodia in Modern History: Beauty and Darkness __ "The Beauty and Darkness project provides information on the recent history of Cambodia, particulary the Khmer Rouge period. This includes materials pertaining to Cambodia, as well as information about Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad." There is a lot of material here to digest. - From - 
Ethnologue report for Cambodia __ Web page dedicated to the languages spoken in Cambodia. - From SIL International -

Cambodian History __ Essay about Cambodian history. Information is about ancient Cambodia with only the last paragraph dedicated to the 20th century. - From Dr. Sam-Ang Sam -


Cambodian Classical Dance / History __ "... We can know through the universal language of dance when we are moved, and when the quality of a people's art has touched our common humanity. That is the case with the Khmer classical dancers." - Quote from Senator Bob Dole. Learn more about this art form, its history and meaning. You will also find links to related material. - illustrated - From Tom and Chamroeun - 

Khmer People - Cambodia __ You will read about the life of the local Khmer people as described by a Chinese traveler in 1296. You can find a whole lot more in this website. - illustrated - From - 


Religion of Khmer Civilization __ "Since the ancient time, the Khmers had accepted the two great religions from India, i.e. Hinduism and Buddhism, by which the former one was more popular. Hinduism had played an important role in Khmer civilization as the Angkor monarchs adopted its concept of deva-raja, or "god-king", by which the king was revered as an incarnation of the god Shiva, a supreme Hindu deity who was regarded as a protector." A good overview. - From - - The History of Cambodia - Cambodian Royalty __ You will find a fascinating story here as well as many click-to-read stories about King Norodom Sihanouk. there are also links to the royal family tree and much more. - From - 

Tom and Chamroeun's Home Page __ A wonderful and charming introduction to contemporary and historic Cambodia and Khmer culture. - illustrated - from Tom and Chamroeun -


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