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Bai __ " of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China. They numbered 1,858,063 as of 2000."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

The Bai Ethnic Group __ General overview of Bai People including location, culture, customs and more. - illustrated - From -

The Bai ethnic minority __ This article touches on history, culture, customs, economy and more. - From -

The Bai ethnic minority __ Overview of the Bai People including location, history, culture, economy and much more. - From -

Bai Ethnic People - Chinese Ethnic Groups __  Very brief overview of Bai People. - From -


The Bai Nationality __ A brief look at the Bai people along with some photos. - illustrated - From -

Bai people __ You will find a gallery of click-to-enlarge photos of Bai people and some architecture. - illustrated - From -   

Bai People’s Song and Dance __ "The earliest songs and dances of Dali area could trace back to an ancient performance –Ta Ge (also named DaGe, means singing while dancing) in Shang Dynasty and the Warring States Period."  A history of the Bai and their music. - illustrated - From -  


China Ethnic Groups: Bai People __ "The Bai ethnic group has had a long history. Its ancestors used to be called "Kunming" in the Han and Jin dynasties. In successive dynasties, they were named "Heman", "Baiman" and "Bairen". You will get a look at history, culture and more in this article. - illustrated - From -

Residential Buildings of the Bai People __ Domestic architectural overview of Bai homes along with click-to-enlarge images. - illustrated - From - 

Third Month Street Fair of the Bai People __ Brief overview of this festival along with photos. - illustrated - From -


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