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Chukchis __ An encyclopedia article about Chukchis. - From - 

The Chukotka Autonomous Okrug: An Ethnographic Web Site by Patty Gray __ "The Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, or simply Chukotka, is one of the 89 regions of the Russian Federation. It is located about as far east and north as you can go from Moscow and still be in Russia. If you went any further, you'd cross the Bering Strait into Alaska." You will find everything from maps to sound recordings plus a good selection of links. - illustrated - From Patty Gray - 

Disappearing Nganasan shamanism __ A photo essay about one of the last of the traditional shamans in Siberia. - illustrated - From Folk Belief and Media Group of the Estonian Literary Museum - 

DNA and the peopling of Siberia __ You will find discussed the latest research about the origins of Siberian people done through comparison of DNA from 13 different groups, including the Buryat. - From Arctic Social Sciences - 
Evenks __ An encyclopedia article about Evenks. - From - 


Indigenous People of Siberia __ "Siberia is a part of Asian territory of Russian Federation between Ural mountains in the West and the mountains of the Pacific Ocean watershed in the East; between Arctic Ocean in the North and the steppes of Kazakhstan Republic and Mongolia in the South. It stretches 3500km North to South and 7000km West to East with a total territory of some 10.000.000 km2. In accordance with its geographic and climatic conditions it is divided into Western (occupying predominantly Western lowlands and Altai mountains) and Eastern Siberia (comprising elevation occupying mostly the Mid Siberian plateau)." You will find an overview of various peoples who inhabit this vast region - illustrated - From Budapest Center for Policy Studies -
Kamchadal __An encyclopedia article about Kamchadal. - From - -


Koryak Language and Culture __ "Some of these people prefer to call themselves "Alutors" or "Nymylani" or even "Chukchi." Some prefer the term "Chavchuven," while others hate that term. The politics of nomenclature can get rather sticky at times." But whatever the name, you will find a lot of good information here. - illustrated - From - 

Nivkh __ An encyclopedia article about Nivkh. - - 


Peoples of Siberia __ You will find a webpage about the Even, Koryak, Nanai, and Chukchi. It includes a WAV file of Chukchi lullaby. - illustrated - From Arctic Studies Center - 

The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire __ Website with information and links on 85 native peoples within the Russian Federation, mostly Siberian aboriginal groups. Scroll down the list on the side to select information on the ethnic group of your choice. - From Lauri Vahtre & Juri Viikberg -


Respublika Sakha (Yakutia) __ A page about the Yakut (Sakha) people and their autonomous republic. It includes a lot of information on traditional culture and shamanism in addition to geography, size, etc. - illustrated - From University of Cambridge -

Way Finding Habits of the Siberian People __ Learn how the indigenous people of the tundra find their way around. "Peoples living in the tundra and taiga belts get a sense of orientation with the help of various natural objects, such as the Sun, Moon, stars, wind, rivers, trees, and many others." Click-to-view images. - illustrated - From Art Leete -


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