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Blang __ An encyclopedic article with links to related topics. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Blang __ "They have their own language, but have no letters. Some of them excel in Chinese, Dai language and Va language. They are mainly engaged in agriculture, and famous for cultivating..."  A general overview of the Blang People concentrating mostly on Blang festivals. - From -

Blang Ethnic Minority __ "The Blang people have their own spoken language, which belongs to the Austroasiatic Phylum. Some of them can speak Chinese, Dai and ..."  A brief overview of the Blang People. - illustrated - From -

Blang Ethnic Minority __ A good overview of the Blang People from history and origins to customs, religion and festivals. - illustrated - From -


The Blang ethnic minority __ "The Blang people, numbering 82,400, live mainly in Mt. Blang, Xiding and Bada areas of Menghai County in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern Yunnan Province."  A good overview including history, culture, customs, economy and more. - From -

The Blang ethnic minority __ Overview of Blang history and customs with an emphasis on past social conditions. - From -

Blang Nationality __ General look at the Blang including daily life, sports and more. - From - 

Blang People's Traditional Customs __ An overview of Bland courtship and marriage customs. - illustrated - From -


China Ethnic Group: Blang People __ read about history, economy, customs and more. - From -

Food of Blang People __ A brief look at the Blang diet and consumption habits. - From -


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