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To Afghanistan Country Study  - To Afghan People  - To Pakistan Social Studies Afghanistan The Way of Pashtuns __ "Pashtunwalai, literally means the way of the Pashtuns, it’s the rules and regulations and laws of the Pashtun tribes which protected the world’s biggest tribal society. These rules are responsible for the survival of the Pashtun tribes for over 2000 years." A detailed article. - illustrated - from -

Category:Pashtun people __ Index of Wikipedia articles related to Pashtun People. - From wikipedia -  


Images of the Pathan: The Usefulness of Colonial Ethnography __ Controversy and more. "Contrasts in the British colonial view of Pathan character are the norm rather than the exception. In official reports they were viewed either as brave and honorable, or as treacherous scoundrels, as the quotes demonstrate." You will find an interesting and detailed paper. - from Boston University - 

Khyber Watch __ A general site about the Pakhtun includes news, entertainment, culture and more. - illustrated - From - 


Pakhtun Ethnic Nationalism: From separation to Integration __ "There is many a myth about Pukhtuns. The British colonialists thought Pukhtuns were‘unruly’ people that could not be tamed. When Pakistan came into being, Pukhtun nationalists were regarded as the most serious threat to the new state, and until the 1970s every government persecuted them. But during the last three decades of the twentieth century, Pukhtun politics underwent a sea change. Today, Pukhtuns, who were opposed to the creation of Pakistan and had demanded an independent state of their own, have become one of the most powerful partners in the state hierarchy. This paper critically examines the myths the orientalists have created about Pukhtuns and the changing pattern of Pukhtun politics." - from Adeel Khan - 

Pashtun __ An encyclopedia article about the Pashtun. - From - 


Pashtun people __ "...are an Eastern Iranian ethno-linguistic group with populations primarily in eastern and southern Afghanistan and in the North-West Frontier Province, Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Balochistan provinces of western Pakistan."  You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related topics. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Pashtuns of Pakistan __ A brief overview of the Pashtuns in Pakistan. - From -

Respect Essential for Survival in Pushtun Culture __ "The Pashtuns are the biggest tribe in Afghanistan, with about 10 million people. The tribe formed the backbone of the Taliban. They were also the people who furnished major resistance to the Soviets, who fought the British to a standstill in the 19th century and destroyed the army of Akbar the Great 300 years earlier. They are extremely proud of their martial heritage. As one Pashtun saying puts it, "We are only at peace when we are at war." A very well done article about Pashtun life. - illustrated - From Charles Lindhom -


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