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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.


Since there is some confusion when it comes to the types of hibiscus on the market, you will find this page divided into three sections. Tropical Hibiscus - Hardy Hibiscus - and Rose of Sharon.  Sometimes Rose of Sharon is sold as hardy hibiscus but they are a different plant entirely, though still hibiscus.  It can be confusing.



Tropical Hibiscus

American Hibiscus Society __ "The purpose of the American Hibiscus Society, one of the larger specialized plant societies, is to encourage and promote the development and improvement of hibiscus and to collect, record and pass on information concerning hibiscus." You will find general information, growing hints, membership information and much more. - illustrated - From American Hibiscus Society -

Growing Tropical Hibiscus In Phoenix Arizona __ Learn how to grow tropical hibiscus in the hot lower desert regions such as Phoenix, Arizona. - illustrated - From -  

Growing Tropical Hibiscus Up North __ Here you will find guidelines which allow you to enjoy these lovely tropicals in freezing climates. - illustrated - From - 

Hibiscus 101: Basics and Beyond __ You will find what the different kinds of tropical hibiscus blooms are and find basic potting and growing tips. - illustrated - From -

Hibiscus -- Growing Tropical Hibiscus Inside __ "These much-beloved, large and showy flowers can be grown inside in temperate zones, but it's not an easy task. The trick with success is twofold: managing the deadly winter, and fending off hungry insects."  Growing tips for cooler climates. - illustrated - From -  

How to Grow a Tropical Hibiscus __ "The tropical hibiscus is a magnificent plant, rarely surpassed in beauty. Its glossy flowers, dark green foliage and non-stop flowers in pinks, yellows, oranges, white, lavender and scarlet are showstoppers."  Basic growing instructions. - From -

JE Ludick's Hibiscus Site __ A great site from a commercial grower and hybridizer. You will find some beautiful images and growing tips. - illustrated - From JE Ludick -

Plant Care : Tropical Hibiscus __ "Exotic, intriguing and beautiful are only a few of the many descriptions of tropical hibiscus, Hibiscus rosasinensis. They make a grand statement in any collection of indoor plants and are among the best blooming plants for the summer patio."  A guide for growing tropical hibiscus in cooler climates. - From -  

Tropical Hibiscus __ Just about all you need to know for growing tropical hibiscus including links to additional reaources. - illustrated - From - 

Tropical Hibiscus Plant & Gardening Tips Information, and Q&A __ "A popular plant sold at box stores and nurseries is the Tropical Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa- sinensis).This well-known species is hardy along the Gulf Coast, California, Florida and Hawaii but can be set outdoors for the summer in any part of the country. There are hundreds of cultivars that come in various shaped flowers as well as in almost every color and are sold as container plants in bush or topiary form." Good overview and basic growing information. - From - 

Tropical Hibiscus plants by Pacific Callas

While I normally do not endorse a commercial website, there are times when I find, or have had a good experience with something exceptional, and may pass it on.  This is one of those times.

Pacific Callas __ Everybody from commercial growers to back yard gardeners can find something of use.  There are photos, growing instructions, gardening tips and much more.  A commercial site with a ton of information.  Their top quality tropical hibiscus are shipped as full size plants in gallon pots, in bud and ready to burst into bloom.

illustrated - From -

 Pacific Callas is not associated with

Hardy Hibiscus

Floridata: The Hardy Hibiscus __ "Do you know the story of the fabulous hardy Hibiscus Hybrids? They’re part of a confusing group of plants called Hibiscus, rose mallow, althea, rose of sharon, giant mallow, swamp mallow and other things, but forget all that, these are mid-size hibiscus shrubs created from some of our most beautiful North American wildflowers."  You can sort it all out here. - illustrated - From - 

Hardy Hibiscus __ "Hardy Hibiscus, noted for its huge flowers, differs from the original tropical ones in several ways. These perennials are usually obtained from cross-pollinated parent stock and have many advantages over the tropical variety."  A brief overview. - From - 

The Hibiscus Capital of the World __ You will find questions and answers about growing hardy hibiscus along with photos of some truly mammoth blooms. - illustrated - From Bill Morrison -

Hibiscus moscheutos--Rose Mallow __ A brief article with click-to-view images. - illustrated - From -

How to Grow Hardy Hibiscus __ General growing instructions. - From -


How to Grow Hardy Hibiscus: Growing Hibiscus acetosella __ "An easy to follow tutorial on planting and getting the best blooms out of hardy hibiscus acetosella." - illustrated - From -

PlantFiles: Detailed information on Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow ... __ A lot of basic information plus input from hardy hibiscus lovers. - illustrated - From -    

Warm Climate Production Guidelines for Hardy Hibiscus __ Basic tips for the commercial production of hardy hibiscus in warmer climates where they normally do not grow. - illustrated - From University of Florida - 

Why Hardy Hibiscus ? __ "The tropical look is so hot right now. A man here in town plants huge palm trees in his yard, then digs them up and stores them inside over winter. These hibiscus look tropical without all that trouble." You will find imbedded text links to varieties and images. - illustrated - From -


Rose of Sharon

How to Grow Rose of Sharon __ "This deciduous favorite maintains its neat upright shape growing to a height of eight to 10 feet. Its slow growth rate, pest resistance and minimal maintenance requirements make it a perfect choice for both formal and informal gardens."  General information and growing tips. - From -

How to Plant and Grow Rose of Sharon __ You will find general information on planting and growing Rose of Sharon. - From - 

Gathering Rose of Sharon seeds??? - Growing from Seed Forum ... __ Rose of Sharon seeds can grow like weeds as you will find out in this gardeners forum. - From - .

Growing Rose of Sharon: Hibiscus syriacus __ "Hibiscus syriacus, commonly known as Rose of Sharon, althea or hardy hibiscus is a shrub that is treasured by most, and neglected by many. You'll often see large altheas near homes that may not have been taken care of in years, but it will be blooming as if it was given much time and attention. That is a sign of a hardy, easy to grow shrub! You will find a brief look with links to other resources. - From -

Growing Rose of Sharon and Overwintering Tips __ "Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), for many, is an easy to grow shrub that they would consider more of a weed than a plant!"  Some good growing tips. - illustrated - From - 

Hibiscus syriacus __ "A List of Cultivars in Collections and Print" - from Beth Matney - 

Rose of Sharon Bush __ General information about growing Rose of Sharon. - illustrated - From -

Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus Syriacus - Growing Rose of Sharon __ "Rose of Sharon will help bring a bit of tropical beauty to more temperate climates. The blooms that arrive later in the summer will help revive your garden after the flurry of spring flowers."  General information and growing tips. - From -


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