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15 Fascinating Facts About The Ancient Olympics __ Little known facts about the ancient Olympics. - illustrated - From -


The Games at Olympia - Ancient Greece __ Interactive site covering the five days of the Olympic Festival. - illustrated - From -


Ancient Greece - Olympic Games __ "The games at Olympia were greatly expanded from a one-day festival of athletics and wrestling to, in 472 BC, five days with many events. The order of the events is not precisely known, but the first day of the festival was devoted to sacrifices."  A one page general look at the ancient games. - From -


Ancient Olympic Events __ The ancient Olympic Games were only open to free men who spoke Greek. The games were only held at Olympia rather than moving from place to place as the modern games do. Learn about the ancient events and more. - illustrated - From Tufts college/Perseus Project -


Ancient Olympic Games __ You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

The Ancient Olympic Games __ "The Olympics were a celebration of the almighty Zeus, the powerful King of the ancient Greek Gods. As in the modern games, these great contests brought athletes from many countries, including those from Africa and Spain. (Swaddling, 1984) There is only disputed evidence as to when the first Olympic Games were held. There are records that show the first games took place in 776 B.C.; however, there is evidence to the contrary. Greek festivals celebrating religion, music, and athletes are thought to have occurred perhaps centuries before that date. (Girardi, 1972)" - illustrated - From Rich East High School -




Ancient Olympic Games Events __ Learn about the types of competition events held at the original Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece. - From -


Ancient Olympic games in Greece __ Essay about the ancient Olympic Games. - From -


Ancient Olympic Games - 101 on the Ancient Olympic Games __ Article with embedded links to more detailed information about the ancient Olympics. - From -

The Ancient Olympics __ They say it best. "In this exhibit, you can compare ancient and modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times. - illustrated - From Tufts College/Perseus Project -


The Ancient Olympics __ Here you can read about Olympic Games history, learn about the events, the rules and More. You can even learn about the ancient Heralds and Trumpeter competitions. "A huge man, Herodoros of Megara’s Olympic career as a trumpeter spanned over 40 years because he won ten successive trumpeter championships. Herodoros’ trumpeting skills served King Demetrios Poliorketes well. By loudly blowing two trumpets at the same time, Herodoros instilled such bravery in the hearts of the king’s men that they defeated the town of Argos." - From Classics Technology Center -




The Ancient Olympics __ "A special exhibit of the Perseus Digital Library Project."  Test, history and images. - illustrated - From -

The Ancient Olympics __ "The first recorded Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. There was just one event, a race over a distance called a stade. A stade was about 180 metres, nearly the length of the stadium at Olympia. The race was won by a young cook, Coroebus, from Elis. - illustrated - From ThinkQuest -


Ancient Olympics Guide __ An excellent overview of ancient Greek Olympic history from Archaeology Magazine and a good collection of resources. - From Archaeological Institute of America -


In ancient Rome what Olympic events did athletes compete in? __ Well, we know the Emperor Nero participated even though the rules stated 'no non-Greeks' but as for every other competitor, here are the games involved.  Articles and resources. - From -
Athletes' Stories __ "Like their modern counterparts, ancient athletes had a way of capturing the public's imagination. Several ancient authors such as Pindar, Pausanias, Strabo, and Dio Chrysostom record the noteworthy exploits of some of the best-known Olympic victors of ancient times. - illustrated - From Perseus Project -


A Brief History of the Ancient Olympic Games __ A good general history and not so brief. - From -


Diets of Athletes at the Ancient Olympics __ "Early records point to a cheese and fruit based diet for the first Olympic athletes, and later on the dietary emphasis shifted to meat. "  a general look at ancient Olympic athletes diets. - From - 


Greek Olympic Games - History for Kids! __ A history of the ancient Greek games for younger students with many embedded links to related topics. - From - - Ancient History Lesson Plans - Ancient Greek Olympics __ Lesson plans and resources about the ancient Olympics. - From -


The Olympic Games in Antiquity __ Detailed overview of the ancient Olympics including events day-by-day. A PDF file. - illustrated - From -


Penn Museum - The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games __ "The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses."  A general overview of the ancient games with articles, glossary and much more. - illustrated - From -


Roman Olympic Games Essay __ "Which aspects of the Roman games are the most difficult for someone living in the 21st century to understand? How far can the aspects you have chosen be explained in terms of Roman values?"  this essay attempts to answer these questions. - From -  


A Tour of Ancient Olympia __ "There are three versions of the tour of Olympia. For those with fast connections to the Internet, the tour is available with Quicktime or with Shockwave movies. For others, including everyone with a dial-up connection, a tour with pictures is available." - illustrated - From Tufts College/Perseus Project -


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