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About Ancient Roman Paddle Wheel Ships __ Yes the ancient Romans had paddle wheel ships even without the steam engine.  Learn how they worked. - From -


Ancient Chinese Sailing Ship __ "In the western world, this type of Chinese ship is generally known as a Chinese "Junk". However, in my opinion this is a rather prejudiced translation."  This is a commercial site with good information. - illustrated - From -


Ancient Egyptian Boat Designs __ "Some ruling authorities like Pharaoh Snefru encouraged and patronized the building of boats and ships to add to the strength of the Navy. In other cases boats were created for recreational and fishing purposes."  An excellent overview. - From - 


The Ancient Egyptian Navy __ "The use of river vessels and ships in Egyptian warfare is as old as conflict in Egypt itself, though probably at first there was little capability for sea travel." However, that did change. You will find history and descriptions of the ships. - illustrated - From InterCity Oz, Inc. -


Ancient Egyptian Ships and Shipping __ You will have to do a lot of scrolling down the page to read this online dissertation. - From -


Ancient Greek Ship of 500 BC Salvaged Off Gela Coast Sicily __ An brief archaeological news article. - -


Ancient Greek ship 'Argo' sets sail once again __ "The recreation of the ancient Greek ship Argo, the vessel used by Jason and his Argonauts on the quest for the 'golden fleece' sails in the canal of Korinthos, some 83 km west of Athens on 2 July 2008."  They ship has a long voyage but will end up as a museum exhibit. - From - 


Ancient Greek Ships __ A nicely illustrated overview of ancient Greek ships. - illustrated - From - 

Ancient Phoenician Ships, Boats and Sea Trade __ "Phoenician ships have always been a source of astonishment to the many people who believe history is just one long upward sweep from the primitive past to the cultured present. In fact, it is more a matter of ups and downs, with the present (hopefully) being higher than the past. This was dramatically illustrated by the Dark Ages which followed the fall of the Roman Empire. Before that time, ancient ships were quite spectacular." See an "ancient" ship being built today and much more. - illustrated - From -   
Ancient Roman Navy __ Good overview of the Roman Navy including history and types of ships. - illustrated - From -



ancient roman ships __ A good overview with links to related materials. - From -


Archaeologist discovers ancient ships in Egypt __ "Kathryn Bard, a CAS associate professor of archaeology, recently discovered the first ancient remains of Egyptian seafaring ships." You will find an abstract or full article. - from -


Building a Replica of the Ma'agan Mikhael Ancient Ship __ "In order to advance the study of shipping in antiquity and to extend our knowledge of the Ma'agan Mikhael ship, the plan is to build a replica of this ship. It will be built by an identical method of "shell-first construction", with similar materials to those utilized by the ancient shipwright. The intention is to sail this replica across the Mediterranean Sea, making use of ancient navigation means and methods." Learn about the project and visit the museum and workshops. - illustrated - From Unknown -


A Cache of Vintage Ships: Introduction __ "Summoned last April to survey a construction site in Pisa, Italian archaeologist Stefano Bruni never imagined what he would find: nine well-preserved Roman ships--the largest group of ancient vessels ever discovered in a single place."  A report on an archaeological find of ancient ships. - illustrated - From -



Category:Ancient ships __ Index of articles about ancient ships found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -


Category:Ancient Roman ships __ Index of articles about ancient Roman ships found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -


Discovery Channel - Ships - Ancient Ships - Ancient Greek Ships __ "The Greeks have been sailing for 10,000 years and have one of the strongest maritime traditions in the world...Archaeological finds - combined with pottery, art and poems of the period - have led experts to believe that the ancient Greeks used oared ships with large crews, as well as sailing boats of differing designs."  A brief overview of ancient Greek ships. - From -  


Famous Ships in Ancient China __ A two page article with click-to-enlarge images. - illustrated - From -


Four Ancient Ships Found in Black Sea __ "Four Roman-era shipwrecks, including one elaborately hand-carved wooden vessel, have been discovered in the depths of the Black Sea, ..."  An article and report. - From - 


Greek Ships __ "The information about ancient Greek ships is very limited. The problem is that the wood with which these ships are built does not survive long enough in the sea."  But there is still enough to give some idea. - From -  




Internet Archive: Free Download: Ancient ships __ Full text downloadable book. "Ancient ships" published 1895. - From -


The Museum of Ancient Shipping __ Introduction to the museum, photos of ancient ships and a detailed text. - illustrated - From Museum für Antike Schiffahrt - 

NAVIS I. A Database on ancient ships __ This is an open database, presenting the ships of each of the NAVIS I project partners. You may need a plug-in.- From European Commission Directorate General X - 


Roman navy __ An encyclopedia entry with links to related materials. - From Wikipedia -


Speed Under Sail of Ancient Ships __ A good overview of ancient ship speeds including voyage length, sailing times, and a technological look at ancient ships. - From -*.html


Trireme __ A very good overview of this ancient fighting ship. - illustrated - From Andrew Wilson -

Trieres Olympias 1987 Trials - Slides __ Take a look at a reconstructed ancient ship in a long series of click-to-view slides. Worth taking the time to visit. - illustrated - From History and Archaeology of the Ship - 


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