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Ancient China: Shang & Tang Bronzes __ The Chinese Bronze Age started during the mid-2nd millennium BCE. Among these early periods were the Shang and Tang. - illustrated - By Werner Schmidlin -

Ancient Chinese Bronze __ A lot of information from a basic definition of bronze to several click-to-read articles covering topics such as bronze casting, types of ancient bronze and much more. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Chinese bronze crossbow mechanisms __ "Once bronze crossbow mechanisms start to appear in the archaeological context from about 600BCE onward, findings are common. Moreover, literary records detailing the usage of the crossbow become frequent from about the same period, for example in the works of Sun Wu ('Sunzi') dating from around the fifth century BCE." Yes, the Chinese had the ability for high-precision bronze castings that long ago. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Chinese Bronze Vessels __ "For centuries, ancient Chinese civilization has been known only through written records. However, the dramatic discoveries of bronze vessels and other treasures from the past are revealing the secrets of ancient Chinese world."  Learn what these ancient bronzes tell us about ancient china. - illustrated - From - 

Ancient Chinese Bronze Weapons ... __ A video about ancient Chinese bronze weapons from a special exhibit of Zhou Dynasty bronze. - video -

Ancient Chinese Bronzes: Bronze Age Casting __ A brief look at ancient Chinese bronze casting as well as access to additional information about Chinese bronze. - From Smithsonian Institution -

The ancient Chinese casting techniques __ A detailed and very well illustrated paper about ancient Chinese bronze casting.  A PDF file. - illustrated - From -  

Ancient Chinese culture - Chinese bronze ware and products __ An overview of ancient Chinese bronze and a couple of photos. You will find other information about ancient China as well. - illustrated - From -


Ancient Chinese Ritual Bronzes - Meaning and Explanation __ "Much has been said about the meaning and explanation of decoration on the Shang ritual bronzes. There is a distinct disagreement among the researchers of ancient China whether the design on the vessels has any meaning at all." You can find out more in this overview of ritual decoration. - illustrated - From -

The Art of Chinese Bronze __ "In the China's ancient ritualistic society, bronze was used primarily for casting ceremonial temple vessels used in sacrifices to the gods of heaven, earth, the mountains and rivers."  A good look at Chinese bronze, its manufacture, uses and more. - illustrated - From -

The Art of Chinese Bronze - Ancient Chinese Bronze Artwork __ "There is a symbolic design used in Chinese sacrificial bronzes 3,000 years ago that combines all sorts of animal characteristics found in the natural world into one ferocious creature--the t'ao-t'ieh , or "beast of gluttony.'' Find out how this image was used in this overview of ancient Chinese bronze. - illustrated - From -

Beginning of Metallurgy in Ancient China Article __ "In ancient China, Bronze Age society (21st - 8th century B.C.) was primarily agricultural with supplementary hunting and fishing, and was characterized by strong regional leaders supported by extensive kinship groups."  An article about ancient Chinese civilization and the place of bronze within it. - From / Emma C. Bunker -

British Museum - Chinese bronze bell __ A look and overview of a large ancient Chinese bronze bell. - illustrated - From the British Museum -  

Bronze Mirrors of Ancient China __ You will find many resources about ancient Chinese bronze mirrors. - From -

The Bronze Sculptures of China __ "In the Western world people do not consider bronze sculptures to be the finest type of artwork. However, when one understands the ancient history of Chinese art it is obvious that bronze works held a unique importance in their culture."  A brief, but very good, article about Chinese bronze sculpture. - From -

Bronze and the Shang Dynasty __ "The principle glories of the Shang dynasty were their art made of bronze. The most famous Shang bronze artifacts are the magnificent vessels of bronze. These vessels, in a number of carefully prescribed shapes, were designed primarily for use in sacrifice to ancestors and gods." A paper giving an overview of Shang Dynasty bronzes. - From -


Chinese bronze bell __ "By European standards, these ancient Chinese bronze bells are enormous. Nothing on this scale would be cast in Europe until the Middle Ages, over fifteen hundred years later."  Website which is supplementary to a History of the World episode on BBC. - From -

Chinese bronze inscriptions __ Encyclopedia article about ancient Chinese bronze inscriptions with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -

Chinese Bronze Mirrors, Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials __ "Bronze mirrors were introduced in China in the 6th century BC to ward off evil spirits by light reflection."  A good look at these ancient mirrors, their amazing preservation and more. - illustrated - From University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -

Chinese Neolithic Bronze __ "Chinese started to cast bronze wares about 5,000 years ago. However, bronze vessels were commonly used till the Shang and Zhou dynasties by aristocrats in daily life and ancestral rituals. Thus, the Shang and Zhou bronze vessels were the most highly esteemed objects of their time."  An interesting overview including both functional as well as artistic types of bronze, technical features and more. - From -

Early Chinese Bronze __ A brief overview of early Chinese bronze covering elements of design and manufacture. - illustrated - From - 

The Face of the Beast - Taotie Images __ Learn about these frightening face images found on ancient Chinese bronzes in this brief article. - illustrated - From -
The Great Bronze Age of China __ Essay by Dr. Emily Sano on an exhibition from the Peoples Republic of China - By Dr. Emily Sano -


The History Of Bronze In Ancient China:Ancient Chinese Bronze Artifacts __ Article and photos of ancient Chinese bronze.  A lot of other information about ancient China as well - illustrated - From -

Mystery of Ancient Bronze Casting Unveiled in Sword __ "In 1965 a bronze sword with the inscription of "made and used exclusively by Goujian, king of the State of Yue" was unearthed from the Chu tomb in Jiangling, Hubei Province."  Learn what this sword has taught us about the manufacture of ancient Chinese bronze. - From -  

Poznań Archaelogical Museum - The most ancient Chinese bronze ... __ "These pieces on exhibition are merely replicas of the scores of bronze pieces which have been unearthed throughout the centuries. However, they provide a wonderful opportunity for people to further understand China's rich history and civilization." Text overview and gallery. - illustrated - From Poznań Archaelogical Museum -

Shang and Zhou Dynasties: The Bronze Age of China | Thematic Essay ... __ "The long period of the Bronze Age in China, which began around 2000 B.C., saw the growth and maturity of a civilization that would be sustained in its essential aspects for another 2,000 years." A gallery of some of the more famous pieces in the museum collection and a good paper. - illustrated - From The Metropolitan Museum of Art - 


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