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Greek interior 5th Century BC - From


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Ancient Greece - Daily Life - Typical House __ "Play the House Challenge to see if you can 'set the scene' correctly in a Greek home."  You will find an interesting and educational game centered on the ancient Greek home. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Greek Homes __ A video school project description of ancient Greek Homes. - video -

Ancient Greek homes doubled as pubs, brothels __ "A new analysis of archaeological remains might have solved the mystery of the elusive kapeleia, lively Greek taverns that have long puzzled archaeologists."  An interesting story and new interpretation of findings. - From - 

Ancient Greek Homes | Houses in Ancient Greece __ "Archaeologists have been able to explore many ancient Greek houses that are still in a good state of preservation. Greek literature and art also adds to our knowledge of the lifestyle in ancient Greece." A brief overview. - illustrated - From -

The Ancient Greek House __ "Within the typical house of the ancient times, the functions of some rooms in the houses are obvious, while some are unknown today. But the evaluations of the interiors of these houses have helped researchers better understand what the typical house was like."  A food look at ancient Greek housing. - From -


Ancient Greek Houses __ "As one of the first great civilizations, there are many aspects of ancient Greek civilization that are amazing. Ancient Greek houses are one such interesting aspect."  A brief but interesting overview of Greek homes. - From -   

The Athenian House and its Furnishings __ A multi-page overview including house plan, home values and much more. - From -

BBC - Primary History - Ancient Greeks - Home life __ Very brief overview. - From BBC - 

Chapter 4 22. The Type and use of a Greek House. __ Learn about housing in ancient Athens.  "He spends surprisingly little money beautifying it. Unless he is sick, he will probably be at home only for sleeping and eating."  - From -

Furniture of Ancient Greece __ Learn about ancient Greek household furniture. - illustrated - From -

Furniture and the Greek House __ A two part illustrated essay about ancient Greek furniture. - illustrated - From - 

Halieis House 7 __ Information about the excavation of a house in Halieis which has been turned into an interactive lesson plan.  Unfortunately, no link to the lesson. - illustrated - From - 

Home Life in Ancient Greece __ "Most homes in ancient Greece had a courtyard, which was the center of activity. Children could safely play outside in the warm climate. ..." A brief overview. - From -


Houses - Ancient Greece for Kids __ Very brief introduction to ancient Greek houses for kids and a lot of links to other information about ancient Greece. - From -

Houses of Ancient Greece __ "Question: I really need info on what home life was like in ancient Athens 5 century; I need to know what the houses were like for the average citizen and where the slaves lived, where the women's rooms were did they have bathrooms, what kind of decoration did they have on the walls what was the flooring, were there two floors, were there the equivalent of suburbs, where did they get water from etc, please help." You will find the answer here along with a lot more about ancient Greece. - From Architecture and Women in Ancient Greece -

The Olynthian House __ "The Greek home was designed for privacy: dividing home from the outside, guests from the inside, and male from female, while presenting a political ideology to the outside world."  Learn about excavations in the town of Olynthus, located on the Northern Coast of the Aegean Sea in Greece, which provides the setting for an analysis of space within the ancient Greek home. A PDF file, Acrobat Reader needed. - From -

Olynthus, House A vii 4 (Building) __ Detailed description, plan and photos of this ancient Greek house in Olynthus. - illustrated - From -

Olynthus, Villa of the Bronzes __ "Well-built house of regular plan in the Villa Section of Olynthus."  Description and plan. - From -

The Plan of a Greek House __ General overview of an ancient Greek house. - From - 



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