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Aboriginal Residential Structures in Southern Idaho __ A paper dating from 1993. - From -


Archaeological Research at Cooper's Ferry __ "To end the tour, Jason Lyon, a Park Ranger with archaeological experience, took the students to the rest of the park, which extends along the Clearwater River, downhill from the museum."  A student account of a visit to Nez Perz National Historic Park. - From / Loren Davis -


Archaeologists scour Idaho tunnel for artifacts __ "Experts from Northwest Archaeology Associates Inc. in Seattle, along with four high school students, excavated layers about 4 inches at a time. Because of looting recently, archaeologists are removing everything from the site,..."  Learn about the Pulaski Project, the excavations and the disaster behind it all. - From -


archaeology jobs in Idaho __ A few are listed - From - 


Archaeology in Southeastern Idaho __ "Archaeologists believe humans lived in southeastern Idaho as long as 13,000 years ago. Those early inhabitants were probably of Asian descent, ancestors of the American Indian tribes that settled the West."  A general overview of archaeology in southeastern Idaho. - From -  


ASI __ Learn about the Archaeological Survey of Idaho. You will find general information as well as information about specific collections and findings. - illustrated - From -




Category:Archaeological sites in Idaho __ Index of articles related to Idaho archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -


Desert archaeology in Idaho __ Essay by an amateur archaeologist about life in the Idaho desert. - From - 


dig: Idaho Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Idaho" - From - 

Digital Atlas of Idaho, Archaeology __ A comprehensive website covering a wide range of archaeological topics and history. - From Idaho Museum of Natural History -


History of Archaeological Research __ A history of archaeological research in the state of Idaho. - By Daniel S. Meatte and part of the Digital Atlas website but worthy of standing alone. - From Idaho Museum of Natural History -


Idaho Archaeology | FARRIT __ Very brief overview and bibliography. - From -




Idaho Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Idaho. - From -


Idaho Archaeology Working Group __ "The Idaho Archaeology Working Group (IAWG) seeks to foster the growth of an academic culture that facilitates scholarly activity and enhances the professionalism of the Idaho archaeological community through increased communication among state, federal, private, amateur, and academic sector archaeologists."  Learn about the organization, goals and accomplishments.-  illustrated - From - 


Idaho Power - Our Environment - Archaeology and Culture __ "Idaho Power's Archaeology and Cultural Resources Program works to protect, preserve and interpret cultural resources located on company land, within our hydroelectric project areas and on transmission line right-of-ways while supporting several primary company functions..."  A lot of information, resources, current projects and more. - From - 

Idaho Preservation Plan Profile __ "The Historic Preservation Planning Program provides guidance and technical assistance to states, tribes, local governments, and federal agencies as they plan for the preservation of their important historic resources. In this manner, historic buildings, archeological sites, traditional places, and landscapes become part of public policy for land-use, economic, environmental, and social strategies to strengthen communities nationwide." Learn what is being done in Idaho. - From National Park Service -


The Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological ... __ Learn about the archaeological work at northern Idaho's Kooskia Internment Camp, a World War II Japanese Internment Camp. - illustrated - From -




Nez Perce National Historical Park - Lenore and Hasotino __ Learn about two archaeological sites, Lenore and Hasotino located at Nez Perce National Historic Park. - From National Park Service -


Survey of Idaho __ "In 1992, the Idaho Legislature formally established the Idaho Archaeological Survey as a multi-agency cooperative program. Currently the survey operates the Eastern Repository (Idaho State University), the Western Repository (the Idaho State Historical Society and Boise State University), and the Northern Repository (University of Idaho)."  Learn about the organization, goals, accomplishments and more. - From - 


Where to See Petroglyphs in Southwest Idaho __ "The Best Places for Viewing Indian Rock Art in Southern Idaho" - From -  

Windust Point From The Buhl Burial Site __ While this is a commercial page selling artifact reproductions, it still gives interesting information about the Buhl burial site in Idaho. - illustrated - From Lithic Casting -


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