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Agawam Prehistoric Possible Village Site, Wareham, MA __ "The Agawam Site has been the site of numerous avocational excavations since possibly the nineteenth century. Once considered all but destroyed, several recent archaeological investigations have shown that the site is much larger than originally thought ..."  Click to read articles and detailed analysis of finds. - From -


Archaeology of the Central Artery Project: Highway to the Past __ "The Central Artery passes through several Boston neighborhoods and in a few places significant archaeological sites were in its path. That is how the Central Artery turned out to be a "highway to the past" as well as to the future." Learn about the "Big Dig" and some of the history of Early Boston. Click on "virtual tour" for more. - illustrated - From State of Mass. -


Archeology - The Isaac Royall House __ "The Royall House Association is committed to a contemporary interpretation of the site that will incorporate not only a more refined understanding of the Royall family themselves, but also of the many Africans and Creoles at the site, who did, after all, comprise the majority of inhabitants here."  A good overview. - illustrated - From -


Archaeology of the Polpis Road Bicycle Path: A Landmark in the Study of Native American Lifeways on Nantucket __ "From a small peak on the vast coastal plain to a remote island at sea, Nantucket's dynamic terrain has been home to a succession of remarkably adaptive human groups and their descen-dents since the last glacial recession."  A detailed essay. - From  Mary Lynne Rainey - 

Boston City Archaeology Program __ "At the urging of the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the position of City Archaeologist was created in 1983 as part of the Boston Landmarks Commission to protect Boston’s archaeological resources." Learn about the results of this program. - From City of Boston -


Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, Indian Sites - An Archaeological Traverse Of Sandy Neck __ "Several aboriginal shell heaps occur in dune hollows on Sandy Neck on the north shore of Cape Cod. Presence of pottery, but without Contact material,..."  A summary of findings. - From - 


Category:Archaeological sites in Massachusetts __ Index of articles relating to Massachusetts archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -


Colonial Archaeology at Plimoth Plantation __ "Today Plimoth Plantation serves as a state-recognized curation site for local archaeology from all over southeastern Massachusetts."  A good overview. - illustrated - From - 



Colonial Boston Unearthed __ About the "Big Dig" which took place in Boston, Ma. Discover some of the history of colonial Boston. - photos - By the Archaeological Institute of America -

dig: Massachusetts Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Massachusetts" - From -


Historic & Archaeological Resources of Southeast Massachusetts __ A detailed report.  PDF file. - From -


Lowell, Massachusetts Archaeological Dig Reveals Lifestyles of Early Irish Settlers __ "Amazingly, the dig unearthed some 1350 artifacts; a huge historical find for just two trenches in one churchyard."  A brief overview - From -
Massachusetts Archaeological Society __ Learn about this organization and their goals. You will find membership information, galleries and more. - illustrated - From Massachusetts Archaeological Society -


Massachusetts Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Massachusetts - From - -  

Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources __ "Established in 1973, the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources (BUAR) is the sole trustee of the Commonwealth's underwater heritage, promoting and protecting the public's interests in these resources for recreational, economic, environmental, and historical purposes." Learn about this organization and its activities. - illustrated - From State of Massachusetts -


Massachusetts Preservation Plan Profile __ Learn about the plan to preserve Massachusetts historic and archaeological assets. - From National Park Service - 
Pine Hawk Archaeology Find __ You will find a brief overview of one of the more important archaeology finds in Massachusetts. This is a PDF file. Acrobat reader needed. - illustrated - From - 



Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project __ You will find a great deal of information about archaeological research at Plymouth Colony. "Although Plymouth Colony was not the first English colony in the New World, it retains the distinction, justifiably or not, of being considered "America's Hometown" and "the birthplace of American Democracy". Read about the "ups and downs" of archaeology at the colony. - illustrated - From Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project -


Protection of Archaeological resources in Massachusetts __ "Several towns and commissions in Massachusetts review potential impacts to archaeological and historical resources. In addition to the procedures established by the towns and municipalities, there exist federal, state, and regional protections for archaeological resources."  Learn what several cities have done. - From - 

Student analyzes Native American artifacts found beneath Quincy playground __ "Archaeology graduate student Margo Davis was intrigued by the discovery in 1999 of rare Native American artifacts along the Quincy shore, artifacts described as thousands of years old and a “once-in-a-100-years-type find” by Massachusetts state archaeologist Brona Simon." Read on, this turns into a real 'whale of a tale.' - illustrated - From -


Underwater Shipwrecks - Massachusetts Bay __ A brief overview of why these ships are a threatened archaeological heritage. - From -  


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