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Archaeological Investigations at Pintwater Cave ... __ Learn about the investigation of this Southern Nevada cave. - illustrated - From Paul E. Buck and Anne DuBarton -


Archaeo-Nevada Society __ "The Archaeo-Nevada Society (ANS) was incorporated in the State of Nevada as a nonprofit organization in 1966. It is a local group of individuals interested in various aspects of archaeology such as history, prehistory and historic preservation. The purpose of the ANS is to preserve Nevada's antiquities, encourage the study of archaeology, and to educate the public on the aims of archaeological research." Now that they have said all this, if you are in Nevada, this is a group that should interest you. They have excellent workshops, lectures, educational materials and more. - illustrated - From Archaeo-Nevada Society -


Archaeology - Online Nevada Encyclopedia __ Collection of excellent though brief, click-to-read, articles about several aspects of Nevada archaeology - From -


The Archaeology of Hidden Cave, Nevada __ "Hidden Cave presides over central Nevada's now-arid Carson Desert. Gouged out about 21,000 years ago by the waves of rising Pleistocene Lake Lahontan, Hidden Cave is sealed beneath the cemented surface gravels of the Stillwater Range."  Extended article about the archaeological research at the cave. - illustrated - From -


Baker Archaeological Site __ "The Baker Archaeological Site, also known as Baker Village, contains the remains of a Fremont Indian village occupied from approximately 1220 to 1295 AD."  A general overview - From -


Black Saloon - Archaeology __ "Standing atop a section of charred floorboard--part of the remains of the Boston Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada--archaeologist Kelly Dixon pulls a two-and-a-half dollar gold coin from a crack beside her boot. The piece validates for Dixon one of the West's oldest folktales, that coins could always be found between the floorboards of a saloon, ..."  Archaeology and Nevada's Black history connect here - From -  




BLM deal to fund northeast Nevada archaeology site __ A news article from 1910 but still relevant. - From -


Brownstone Canyon Archeological District __ Want to visit an archaeological site while visiting Las Vegas?  This one is easy access and close by. - From - 


Category:Archaeological sites in Nevada __ Index of articles relating to Nevada archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -  

dig: Nevada Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Nevada" - From -


Driving Directions to Nevada's Public Petroglyph sites __ Detailed descriptions, walking tours and more. A PDF file - illustrated - From -


Federal and Nevada State Laws dealing with Archaeological Preservation __ A general overview of these laws. - From -  




L.L. Loud and the Beginning of Nevada Archaeology __ "Loud lived at and in Lovelock Cave and excavated it from April 1 to August 1, 1912. Since he worked before stratigraphic excavation became common, the cave was excavated in forty-one irregular areas that Loud called lots."  A good story about an early Nevada archaeologist. - From -


Lovelock Cave __ An encyclopedic article about the archaeological history of Lovelock Cave with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -     

Nevada Archaeological Association __ Learn about the organization and its goals. - illustrated - From NAA -


Nevada Archaeological Site Stewardship Program __ Learn about this organization of volunteers, their goals and accomplishments.  A PDF file - illustrated - From -


Nevada Archaeological Survey Collection NC1243 __ Learn about the Paper Collections and what they contains.  Sorry no online access into the collections themselves. - From -


Nevada--Archaeology--Caves __ A collection of click-to-read reports about cave archaeology in Nevada  All are PDF format - From -


Nevada Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Nevada - From -    


Nevada Preservation Plan Profile __ "We envision a Nevada in which an educated and caring citizenry respects traditional lifeways and works to protect Nevada's archaeological heritage." Learn about the plan and its implementation. - from National Park Service -


Nevada Rock Art - Images __ Gallery of photos. - illustrated - From Angier+Fox, Celebrating Rural America -


Nevada State Historic Preservation Office __ Learn a little about this organization and their plans and projects such as the Comstock Archaeology Center and its ongoing work. - illustrated - From State of Nevada -


Oldest North American Mummy __ "A mummy excavated in 1940 and stored at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City was recently dated to ca. 7420 B.C., making it the oldest mummy ever discovered in North America."  An article. - From -


Pueblo Grande de Nevada __ "Indians of a highly developed civilization lived throughout Moapa Valley from 300-1100 A.D. Several hundred ancient pithouses, campsites, rockshelters, salt mines and caves of Anasazi people make up what is commonly known as "Lost City."  A Nevada historic marker - From Nevada State Historic Preservation Office -




The Rock Art of Nevada __ Multi-page look at Nevada rock art, the Nevada Rock Art Foundation, their work and accomplishments. - illustrated - From -


Rock Art of Nevada __ A general overview of rock art in Nevada - From - 


Tule Springs Archaeological Site __ "Tule Springs is one of the few sites in the U.S. where evidence suggest the presence of man before 11,000 B.C."  Learn about the site and the historic marker in this brief overview. - illustrated - From -  

Virginia City's Piper's Opera House __ From 2002. "A new excavation of the basement of Piper's Opera House in Virginia City has begun, State Historic Preservation Officer Ron James announced today. Margo Memmott, an Anthropology Department graduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno, is supervising the project under the direction of Kelly Dixon, administrator of the Comstock Archaeology Center, and Dr. Don Hardesty." - From Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs -


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