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Archaeology __ Use links on the left to access all kinds of information about Pennsylvania archaeology. - illustrated - From -


Archaeology | Erie Yesterday __ Learn about two examples of archaeology in Erie County.  "Several sites within Erie County have been the subject of archaeological field studies conducted by Mercyhurst College, Edinboro University and Gannon University, including the following two examples." - From -


Archaeology - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation __ "As is true of most states, in Pennsylvania the Department of Transportation hosts the state's largest public sector archaeology program. "  Learn about their goals and accomplishments. - illustrated - From - 


Archaeology in Pittsburgh -- A Reading List __ You will find many resources about  Pittsburgh archaeology and the city which you can find at a library. - From -

Arch Leetsdale Home Page __ Learn about the find of an ancient bog under the Leetsdale casting basin. More importantly as you visit different pages at this web site, you will read about the involvement of the Army Corps of Engineers and their dedication to good archaeological research. - illustrated - From US Army Corps of Engineers -

Bedford Village Archeological Site: Significance __ "The Bedford Village Site represents an unusual mix of phases in Native American history in the region. As one of the most eastern Monongahela sites ever discovered, it represents the possibility of transition between the Monongahela and other peoples of central Pennsylvania."  A brief overview of the site. - From -


Category:Archaeological sites in Pennsylvania __ Index of articles relating to Pennsylvania archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -


The Conservancy Preserves An Ancient Pennsylvania Site __ "Atapco Properties, Inc., which now owns much of the land surrounding Ebbert Spring, has agreed to donate over three acres of the site to the Conservancy for permanent preservation. While this portion of the site has not been excavated, a preliminary survey of the property has produced an extensive prehistoric artifact assemblage, as well as evidence of a French and Indian War-period occupation."

dig: Pennsylvania Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Pennsylvania" - From - 


Digging Around a Gettysburg Address __ "...everyone is abuzz, digging holes, sifting dirt, and taking copious notes at The Daniel Lady Farm, site of a battlefield operating room during one of the nation’s goriest events — the Civil War’s Battle of Gettysburg."  Learn how Professor Starrs Turns Search for Civil War Graves into a Living Laboratory for Higher Learning. - From -


Does the Natural Gas Boom Endanger Archaeology? __ "Back in the mid-1980s, Pennsylvania historical societies first identified the natural gas industry as a threat to archaeological sites. At the time, the warning just covered conventional well drilling."  Learn how fracking techniques have changed things. - illustrated - From  


Early Stone Cairns and Rows in Eastern Pennsylvania __ "Southwest of Allentown, Pennsylvania, on a wooded forty-plus acre ridge site in the Oley Hills, is an impressive and unusual array of manmade stone features that bears little relationship to any known colonial workmanship or activity. These features consist of large and intricately constructed cone-shaped and flat-topped cairns, oddly shaped stone rows, stone platforms, a large stone terrace and ritualized boulders, made by either connecting them with short stone rows, or else by piling small rocks on top of or against them. The workmanship of many of these features is truly artistic and awe inspiring." You will find an interesting article. - From -


Fisher Farm Site __ An encyclopedic article with links to related material.  "The Fisher Farm Site is an archaeological site in Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States. Located in fields on the outskirts of Unionville, it is one of central Pennsylvania's leading archaeological sites." - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Fort Hunter Mansion and Park __ "In an attempt to locate the remains of the French and Indian War fort, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Commonwealth Archaeology Program (CAP) will conduct an archaeological survey and testing program at Fort Hunter Mansion and Park..."  Learn more about the search. - illustrated - From -


Fort Necessity National Battlefield __ Learn about the archaeological research that helped rebuild the fort. - illustrated - From -


Greenwood Furnace & Iron Works __ "Greenwood Furnaces are the county's most complete and best-preserved iron furnace site open to the public. The furnace stacks, church, and cemetery, along with a reconstructed charcoal-burner's hut and a museum in the former blacksmith shop, are maintained as historic sites and interpreted for park visitors."  A good look. - illustrated - From -




Laurel Hill Walks: Old Squirrel Hill - Site of Monongahela Village ... __ "Archaeological investigation has determined that the Squirrel Hill Site is the location of one of the largest Monongahela villages in the valley of the Ohio River."  A blog post about Old Squirrel Hill. - From - 


Little aid for Pennsylvania archaeological sites near wells __ "“There is a drill rig and catchment basin sitting on half the village,” said Johnson, who received a doctoral degree from the University of Pittsburgh and served as senior prehistoric archaeologist for Michael Baker Jr. Engineering Inc. “You have something there – which is better than you get with (excavations of) other villages – that has been destroyed by drilling.”  Read about the controversy. - From -


Overview of Pennsylvania Archaeology __ "Each year hundreds of archaeological investigations are conducted in Pennsylvania. Included are university field schools, projects conducted by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and projects conducted to comply with state and Federal laws."  Just as the title says, an overview. - illustrated - From -


Pennsylvania Archaeological Council __ "The Pennsylvania Archaeological Council (PAC) is a statewide organization of professional archaeologists dedicated to promoting Pennsylvania archaeology."  Learn about the group, its goals and accomplishments. - From Pennsylvania Archaeological Council -


Pennsylvania Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Pennsylvania - From -    


Pennsylvania Preservation Plan Profile __ Learn how the state plans to protect historical and archaeological sites. - From National Park Service - __ "What is archaeological evidence? Where is it found? Bits and pieces of objects made, used, and discarded or lost by people going about their daily activities make up Pennsylvania’s archaeological record."  This is the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology page and it is loaded with information. - illustrated - From -


Petroglyphs __ A great site covering the petroglyphs (rock art) of Pennsylvania. A PDF file - illustrated - From - 


Philadelphia Historical and Archaeology Links __ Collection of resources for Philadelphia history and archaeology. - From -




The President's House in Historic Philadelphia __ The house no longer exists, but it served as the "White House" from 1790 to 1800 when Philadelphia was the capital of the United States.  Learn about the President's House Project from excavation to future plans. - illustrated - From -

Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology __ Read about the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, its history and activities. There are several reports, abstracts, and links to related material. - From Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology -


Sommerheim Park Archaeological District __ You will find a very brief introduction leading to a collection of additional resources. - From -


This Week In Pennsylvania Archaeology __ Keep up to date with what is happening in Pennsylvania archaeology in this blog. - illustrated - From The State Museum of Pennsylvania/Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission -


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