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Back in time: Medieval Russia comes alive in Moscow fest __ "The “Russian Early Medieval History and Culture Festival” allows visitors to not just witness but actually take part in events set in between the 9th and 11th centuries."  Learn about this remarkable event. - illustrated - From TV-Novosti -


A Brief History of Medieval Russia __ This text dates from 1913 but is still very well done and amazingly accurate. "Glancing at the map from north to south, it will be seen that Russia embraces more degrees of latitude than any other European state, stretching with one arm into the very regions of the Arctic; with the other, into the deserts of central Asia; and changing, by degrees, from the frozen bogs and marshes of the north, through the wooded district of the center, to the steppes of the south. Yet, despite its great size, this territory, in the early history of Christendom, was practically isolated from the rest of Europe." - From Sam Houston State University -

A Byzantine-Russian Treaty of 911 A. D. __ "WE of the Russian nation, Karly, Inegeld, Farlof, Vere mud, Rulav, Gudy, Ruald, Karn, Frelav, Ryuar, Aktevu, Truan, Lidulfost, Stemid, who were sent by Oleg, the Russian Grand Prince, and the illustrious boyars who are under his rule, to you, Leo and Alexander and Constan tine, the Greek Emperors and great autocrats by the grace of God, to confirm and proclaim the amity which has existed for many years between the Christians and Russians, by the will of our princes and by the order of all those in Russia who are under his rule." the full text follows. - From Sam Houston State University -


Category:Women of medieval Russia __ Index of articles about the women of Medieval Russia found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -

Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh's Instruction to His Children __ "The last grand prince to unify the Kievan Rus' has left posterity a testament to his children. This document is significant in that it shows the extent of influence of Christian ethics upon statecraft in medieval Russia." - From Sam Houston State University -



Graphic History of Kievan Rus from c. 800 to 988 __ Annotated interactive map of Kievan Rus. - From -


Kievan Rus' __ You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to additional material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Medieval Russian History - Russia in the Middle Ages __ A small collection of articles. - From - 

The Rise of the Grand Princes of Moscow (1303-1462) __ You will find a detailed history of this period in Russian history. "WHILST Western Russia grouped herself around the Lithuanian State, which had given the conquered Russian provinces a new capital in Wilna, and soon involved them in her own union with Poland, Eastern Russia grouped herself around Moscow. When this double concentration on the Moskowa and on the Wilna should be accomplished, Great Russia, proud of her national and religious unity, and Lithuanian Russia (or rather a foreign State composed of the Russian, Lithuanian, and Polish races, and of three religions, the Greek, Roman, and Protestant, besides the Jewish), would find themselves face to face. The contest Of these two sister-enemies will fill many centuries of the history of the North. To Other sovereigns, in other centuries, will fall the task of reconstituting the Russian unity in its fullest extent. The honor of the princes of Moscow is to have created the living germ which became Great Russia." - by Alfred Rambaud (1900) -



Russian History __ Lectures on Russian History from 800 to 1800. You will find RealAudio streaming downloads of a whole semester's worth of lectures about Russian History. - From Michael Petrovich/University of Wisconsin -

Russian Medieval Medicine __ "Medicine was largely in the hands of folk healers until the 11th century. These were known by a variety of names and according to some authorities they doubled as pagan cult leaders...A distinct secular medical tradition seems to have developed in Kievan Rus' by the mid-11th century, but little is known about it...When Christianity was introduced in 988, both folk and secular medicine began to give way to monastic medicine - at least in theory (because all of the written records were written by monks?)." You will find an extended history. - From notes by Sofya la Rus Mka Lisa Kies from an article by Russell Zguta - 


Sofya la Rus' Medieval Russian Life __ "Patterns and information on medieval Russian garb." - illustrated - From Lisa Kies -


Well-kept medieval Russia __ A two page article about medieval Novgorod. - From - 


Women in Medieval Russia __  A brief set of lecture notes with much information. - From -


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