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1492 -- The Mediterranean World __ General information regarding the Mediterranean world at the end of the Middle Ages. It is just a bit beyond that point time wise but the carry over from earlier periods makes this era important. - From -

Architecture/Castles __ Build a Medieval Castle A great site for the younger student - it contains free software that enables you to build a castle and make your own shields. -

Castles of Wales __ This site is graphic-intensive, with multiple photos of each castle. You can take a virtual tour of a castle, and, if you want, you can do this all in the Welsh language. - illustrated - From Castles of Wales Website -

The Code of Chivalry __ "The "Code of Chivalry" is often thought to be a single code, when in fact, there were many such codes. Each order of Knights had it's own oaths and codes to which its members would adhere." - From - 
Creating an Electronic Archive of Piers Plowman __ Much information and several facsimiles of this famous work. - illustrated - from Hoyt N. Duggan -



The European Middle Ages __ A great overview of the time and place. - illustrated - From Washington State University/Richard Hooker -


Feudal Life __ "For safety and for defense, people in the Middle Ages formed small communities around a central lord or master. Most people lived on a manor, which consisted of the castle, the church, the village, and the surrounding farm land. These manors were isolated, with occasional visits from peddlers, pilgrims on their way to the Crusades, or soldiers from other fiefdoms." This was the basis of the Feudal System. You will find a great deal of information divided by topic such as 'homes,' health,' town life and more. - illustrated - From Annenberg/CPB -

Feudal Terminology __ A look at terms and words from the Middle Ages. Most of these are from English usage but a few others are included. - From Michael Adams -



The First Crusade, an Overview __ "The First Crusade began on November 27, 1095, with a proclamation from Pope Urban II delivered to clergy and lay folk who had gathered in a field in Clermont, central France. His topic: an appeal for help that he had received from the Byzantine Emperor, Alexius I Comnenus." You will find a good general history of that event. - illustrated - From Dr Tom J Rees - 

Glossary of Medieval & Renaissance Culinary Terms __ A great list with excellent definitions and explanations. - From - 

Health in the Middle Ages __ "As the populations of medieval towns and cities increased, hygienic conditions worsened, leading to a vast array of health problems. Medical knowledge was limited and, despite the efforts of medical practitioners and public and religious institutions to institute regulations, medieval Europe did not have an adequate health care system. Antibiotics weren't invented until the 1800s and it was almost impossible to cure diseases without them." A good overview of the subject. - From Annenberg/CPB -

History of the Medieval Castle  __ "Medieval castles were dominant from the early 10th century right through to the mid 17th century. During this time they changed dramatically from the early motte and bailey castles through to concentric castles with thick stone walls." A history of castles, fantasy castles, haunted castles and castles today. - illustrated - From -   
Journey Through the Middle Ages with James the Jingling Jester __ For kids, what else. but a lot of fun for anybody wanting to learn about the Middle Ages. Just follow the steps. - illustrated - From ThinkQuest -

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library __ Just what the title implies. You will find many resources and articles, even a kid's zone. - illustrated - from - 

Knights Templar __ "According to legend, the Knights Templar was founded in 1118 to protect tourists headed for Jerusalem. There the small band of warrior monks established a headquarters." An overview of the legend. - From -

Life in a Medieval Castle __ "Whether on the motte, in the bailey, inside the walls of the shell keep, or as a separate building within the great curtain walls of the 13th century, the living quarters of a castle invariably had one basic element: the hall. A large one-room structure with a loft ceiling, the hall was sometimes on the ground floor,..." Learn how life was lived and how conditions evolved in these great structures. - illustrated - From -

Life in the Middle Ages __ This is a student webpage researching life in the Middle Ages. You will find a wide range of topics. - From Kyerene de las Brisas Elementary -

Medieval feasts __ Planning a lunch? Here are some recipes from the Middle Ages. - From Bill Gamber & Ken Withers - 



Medieval Latin literature: The Flowering of Medieval Culture __ A good overview. "The quality of writing and of scholarship was steadily rising, and the way was being prepared for the great flowering of medieval culture in the 13th cent. Most notable was the full development of scholasticism by St. Bonaventure, St. Albertus Magnus, and St. Thomas Aquinas, together with Duns Scotus, William of Occam, and others. The simple Latin dialogues on the mysteries of Christ's life had become the miracle play." You will find several topics. - From - 

Medieval Macabre __ Not recommended for younger children. "These illustrations of medieval Devils, Demons, Witches, & Monsters are from authentic period sources. There are no 20th century-inspired fantasy images in this collection, nor any modern art with a medieval theme - these are the true visions our medieval ancestors had of the preternatural, the supernatural, and the unwordly." - illustrated - From -

A Medieval Manor __ "This map illustrates the layout of a typical manor." - illustrated - From Holt, Rinehart and Winston -


Medieval Period - Castles, Weapons, Torture Devices, and History __ "Overview of the Medieval Period looking at a variety of societal aspects and structure, including art, castles, weapons, social roles and laws."  All that and more. - illustrated - From -


Medieval Period - Where Did it All Begin? __ "The term "medieval" comes from the Latin meaning "middle age." The term medieval (originally spelled mediaeval) wasn't introduced into English until the 19th century,..." An article along with additional resources. - From -

A Medieval Response to Municipal Pollution __ "Recent scholarship has demonstrated that medieval man was as innovative, curious, intellectually alive. He was driven to create an environment as clean and healthy as their technology, priorities, and civilization permitted." You will find a surprisingly informative paper. - From Robert Laures - 

Medieval Times __ Designed for the younger student. You will find wide ranging topics from Joan of Arc to Robin Hood. - illustrated - From Elanora Heights Primary School -


Middle Ages __ You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to additional material. - illustrated - From -  



The Middle Ages - History for Kids __ A great overview of Medieval civilization for the younger student. You will find timelines, good articles, materials for parent and teacher plus a lot more. - From -


Middle-Ages Science - Medieval Period - History of Science __ A history of science in the Middle Ages which may change your way of thinking about it. - From -  

Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization __ The Middle Ages were a time of great progress in the Islamic world. Learn how Islamic civilization was one of the triggers of the Renaissance. You will find a large amount of material to cover. - illustrated - From - 

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies __ A truly encyclopedic website about Medieval European civilization. - From Ellis L. Knox -



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